Decades Blogathon – Top Gun (1986)

  I'm going to admit something embarrassing right now. I, uh. . . . yeah, I still haven't seen the movie Rob, as in the one and only MovieRob, is about to talk about today. Not going to make excuses -- I need to change this ASAP, and possibly rearrange my priorities on my Netflix … Continue reading Decades Blogathon – Top Gun (1986)

Thanks For Sharing

Release: Friday, September 20, 2013 (limited) [Theater] ....and now that you have, please don't ever share again. It might cost us our friendship. So said Gwyneth Paltrow to Mark Ruffalo's Adam, who's celebrating five years of celibacy. Well, maybe 'celebrating' is a poor choice of words for this situation, but still. Ruffalo plays a dude who … Continue reading Thanks For Sharing