Decades Blogathon – Back To The Future (1985)

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So here we are; the final day of what has been being a fantastic Decades Blogathon. Thank you to everyone who took the time to help make this such a great event, but thanks most of all to the one and only Tom from Digital Shortbread. Tom has been the perfect blogathon compatriot and I hope to be able to run another one with him again soon. The Decades Blogathon focuses on movies that were released in the fifth year of the decade and this one is written by yours truly. Thanks again and see you next time!

For a film in which time plays such a central theme, there’s something magically timeless to Robert Zemeckis’ almost perfect summer blockbuster.

Great movies have the power to transcend the movie theatres in which they were projected and instead become a cultural anchor that can help to define not only a time…

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Decades Blogathon – The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

Welcome back to the blogathon everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend (or are continuing to enjoy it this Memorial Day). I have for you today a review from Renlau who runs his own site Kaput, Already -- a place that's dedicated to more than just well-written film reviews. This site has many an interesting post … Continue reading Decades Blogathon – The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)