Just a Quick Thought

Well it’s been a minute. Actually it has been the longest stretch of no posting since the earliest days of the blog, since my “hiatus” from July 2011 until March 2012, a period that abruptly ended when I saw Todd Phillips’ Project X and felt compelled to go on the internet to complain about it afterwards.

While nothing dramatic like that is happening this time, I just wanted to leave a note here to let you all know that this blog is not, you know, shriveled up and dead.

I am unbelievably behind on movie watching. Keeping notes on any movies I have seen is useless because I think my writing hand is all defective and shitty. On the other, and less shitty hand, I think I am more okay with my blog falling apart for a couple months (or, indeed even for much longer) than I would have been if there were no pandemic.

But dear readers should know it has been my intention to return. A part of me certainly feels missing not being fully immersed or at least more engaged than I have been in the conversation around the latest movie news, releases and controversies. I basically can’t wait to get back in this room and bowl other people over with my opinions. 😀 So if you still feel like being the pins to this film blog’s 18-pound ball, keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Thanks for sticking with me!

TRIVIA: Did you know that I have never seen the Jason Bourne movies? that’s right, i’m an idiot. I finally rectified that this month by watching the original trilogy plus the most recent Jason Bourne movie, skipping the non-canonical one with Jeremy Renner. 

20 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought

    • Well good sir, 2021 has wasted no time in trying to up the ante on 2020 has it? Fucking a man I am embarrassed to be living in America right now. Utterly, utterly, utterly embarrassed.


    • Oh I disagree. I think there’s almost TOO MUCH stuff out there! The problem is too many platforms. These streaming wars just jumped up a notch with the pandemic. I now have to give serious consideration to HBO Max, Disney+ (no, I still don’t have it!), etc etc. I want to be able to see movies in theaters again, and on that front yeah it seems like a desolate wasteland right now.

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      • Yeah, what I meant was theatres. We have one open, but it doesn’t look/feel safe right now, and, no, nothing looks worth trying. Regarding the platforms, I’m still disappointed in the recent releases so far. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed going back to oldies and goodies in my life during this odd time in our world.

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        • Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing lately myself. Going through the Bourne franchise was really fun and this was a great time to do it. Honestly, this is a great time to make a run through a director’s entire filmography!

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          • Totally. I also like to maintain a “Watchlist” on Letterboxd, and it’s been fun checking them off one-at-a-time. There’s a randomness to it that I wouldn’t normally follow, but these are the times for it. Stay safe, Tom. “It’ll get better” is all I hear these days, haha!

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    • I enjoyed the self-titled Jason Bourne, but I have to admit the presence of Tommy Lee Jones was a big part of that. I didn’t feel as though Bourne was as much of a force in the movie as he was in the original three. Still, it did what it needed to do and those first three movies really set a high bar so for me its fine #5 fell a bit short. As for the Renner one, I want to complete the series (that is so far anyway) so I’ll track it down. But I’m not paying $10 to rent it!

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    • Thanks so much for saying hey Jay, yeah I’m looking forward to contributing again to the conversation. Hope you and Sean (and the dogs, yes of course) have a nice and safe holiday season. I really need to catch up on your reviews


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