Just a Quick Thought: The New Rules of IMDb

. . . do they include not being able to use images anymore from their library?

I have been trying to find good images for an upcoming review (which shall remain nameless) to place on my site. As you probably are already aware, I make sure to acknowledge licensed content at the bottom of each and every one of my reviews. Part of that has been to protect my own intellectual property as I have had issues in the past with my writing appearing on some less-than-reputable websites and without my permission. The other part is to make sure that I am giving the right attribution for any photos and media I am using that I did not create.

In recent weeks I have noticed that IMDb — at least as it displays for me on my MacBook Air — no longer allows one to right-click on an image and save it. There is no obvious way to use the images they have on their site, and though it is quite possible I haven’t cracked the code yet, I find this pretty frustrating as IMDb is such a good source of movie stills and promotional material. I have no issues at all with going forward with Google image searches for any given movie, but already what I’m finding is that there is no place quite like IMDb for your movie blogging needs.

What are your experiences with the “new” IMDb? Am I maybe just experiencing a glitch (for the last several weeks)? Is this a new normal I wonder?

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10 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought: The New Rules of IMDb

  1. Image copyright seems to be becoming more of an issue all the time, which is a shame for those of us writing blogs, because essentially we’re all just publicising films/tv shows, and for whoever owns/sells those films and shows, its all free publicity and adding to the cultural zeitgeist that is social media. Added to that the low numbers of hits most of our blogs likely get, its possibly inconsequential anyway.

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    • Right? That has been my thought too — how much harm are we possibly doing by incorporating a few pics into these obscure blog posts? Especially when some people do bother to include copyright attribution. I’m expecting that like Badblokebob said, one day I’ll wake up and find that I can use them again. I don’t know why it went from being usable to unusable, back to usable and now back the other way again. I’m assuming one of these days I’ll be able to just delete this post, like this never happened 😉


  2. I’ve been finding this really inconsistent — for a while I regularly got their new-style gallery, where nothing can be saved, but for the past few weeks, maybe even months, it’s gone back to the old way. There are still ways round it if you know how to access developer tools on your browser, but it’s more of a pain.

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    • Interesting. That’s somewhat comforting to hear (not that scouring the pages of Google will be too inconvenient), because this I’ve already experienced myself. It went from being the “new” layout/no saving option for a couple of days, then back to the old style and now for, yeah, maybe 3 weeks now or so (at least as long as I’ve been paying attention) it’s this situation where no images are downloadable. I don’t know if this has anything to do with IMDb being assaulted with copyright infringement complaints back in 2018 but it just seems so odd that imagery on their database would not be available for use for regular joes. I guess I’ve just been blogging now for so long that I’ve just come t assume that the media on that site is there to serve that function! When in reality it’s just a galleria of interest for fans.

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      • I’m always a bit miffed when photography/posters for films are locked in some way (e.g. covered in watermarks on stock image websites), because surely the point of them being released was for promotional purposes, like illustrating reviews?

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        • Yes, I’m actually optimistic this could be reversed again. Maybe something is going screwy in the coding in the site or something? I don’t know anything about building/maintaining websites. I’m a WordPress blogger, after all! Lol

          I’ve always thought IMDb was a great tool for those purposes. And surely it isn’t just WordPress bloggers who use that material. We have to be talking about millions of people benefitting from IMDb

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        • Lol, so we’re back into an era where now I *can* use them. I have no idea what’s happening. Maybe someone at IMDb is just messing around. Do I delete this post now, I wonder? 😉

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    • Yeah see this is my fear. I think IMDb is, for whatever reason now, protecting copyright? I read an article that described how a bunch of copyright complaints were leveled at the website circa 2018, some 170 take-down orders but I don’t think that event has anything to do with this. That seemed more like an issue of fair use on IMDb’s end, rather than fair use/copyright infringement on anyone browsing the site. Unless of course the two are related, and the lack of usable material now the end result of IMDb protecting themselves. Whatever the case, this seems like a permanent situation. Bummer.


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