Nine Years of Movie Blogging

Go go gadget holy sh*t! I’ve just been reminded that today marks my ninth year of blogging with WordPress! (If you want to read something quaint, here’s the review that began it all.)

Some time ago, maybe circa 2013-14, I jokingly commented to someone that I’d be doing this for a decade. Well, that’s actually doable now. I’ve been really happy about how this blog has helped me focus on the craft of writing, despite the fact I probably abandoned my original goal (to write columns with word counts that adhered to proper AP style) within the first year or two. Or was that the first post? Either way, after awhile I’ve come to realize that this platform lends itself more to free form writing. I’m not a website. I’m a blog, and a pretty obscure one at that!

In year nine of what is probably going to be an arbitrary number of them, I notice several major areas of improvement for myself. Namely, in the self-promotion department. I am awful at it! In fact I’ve been so proud of my avoidance of Twitter for all these years. But I reluctantly admit now that that strategy hasn’t really helped me. It’s also worth noting my Letterboxd profile desperately needs attention as well. It’s pretty much stagnated since I first opened it up sometime last fall.

When it comes to content, I have major blind spots in terms of genres, major names, and eras. I used to run a weekly feature called Throwback Thursday (yeah, what an original name, right??) and that would be an opportunity for me to dive back into films of the past. It’s possible that feature makes a return, either in its original form or some slightly tweaked version.

Whatever the changes that are to come and that have taken place over the years, one thing has remained true: it is because of the friends and followers I have had for nearly a DECADE that has kept my motivation going. I can’t overstate what it has meant to have people reading these obscure scribblings. It may be 10 years next July, but I’m not considering that the end of my journey. I hope you’ll still be following along. 


23 thoughts on “Nine Years of Movie Blogging

    • Thanks a ton for your support Mark. I think we met around 2013. I didn’t have many posts from 2011 til 2012, so really it’s been about 8 but who’s counting? 🤔😁

      Here’s to the next decade and better times to come!


  1. Happy 9 years, may there be many more to come! And please do more blind spot posts. I’m quite sure I have plenty to discover too, and would love your recommendations. 🙂

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    • I really appreciate the follow and your support! Blind spot posts would be an awesome thing to get back into, in fact that’s one aspect I really regret not continuing. I did it like 2 years ago and should have done it last year!

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  2. Its good to see ya still goin dude, and its kinda funny that I noticed when I dropped off on posting regularly, you somewhat did too. I think we were going through similar self-criticism type stuff.

    Or I could be totally wrong.

    Its funny you mention self-promotion, I’ve been pretty much the same! I’m trying to start a business re- my drum lessons, and I did a short course and realised just how many platforms are out there, and that I don’t use any of them! All I have is twitter I think, and that’s only cos my posts go on there automatically.

    Its also interesting you came to the same conclusion as me (did we ever talk about this?) – that is, focusing on the craft of writing. I know writing for my (even more obscure!) blog helped me finish my book – all I gotta do is edit the bastard! And it seems our ‘anniversaries’ line up as well, I think my first post was in August 2014. Compared to your first review though, my first review is embarrassing! I’m gonna go through my first year of reviews and rewatch and re-review them, just to see how different they turn out.

    As for bringing back features, how about bite sized reviews eh! I just posted one I originally did for you years ago, I’ve decided that I want to write something somewhat short once a week about an, imho, Aussie classic.

    Anyhoos congrats my friend, make the next year count! I hope to still be writing in four years time hehe 🙂

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    • No, I think you’re right about the cycles we tend to go through. I’ve noticed it with other bloggers as well. Though it most often goes that after a period of inactivity that’s kind of the end. It’s hard to return to something that demands a lot of time and energy.

      I was also thinking of bringing back Bite Sized Reviews, yeah! Those were fun.

      Thanks for all your support through the many years dude. I look forward to many more, both for you and me!

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      • Right back at ya mate.

        I slowed right down, this year was the first that didn’t have a single post in it I think. But in the last couple of months have sped right up – I have somehow mamnaged to avoid what you described. I have so much unpublished stuff written in drafts, atm I’m only being lazy in posting them!

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  3. Dude that’s fantastic. Almost one decade. And a fun one at that. As I recall it started as Digital Shortbread, right? Regardless, keep up the great work and continue to make it into what you want it to be. I vote for 9 more years! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Keith — I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s bloggers like you that help keep wind in my sails.

      P.S. if you don’t mind me shooting you an email, I’d like to ask u question or two about getting press passes. It’s something I’ve really been anxious to get going on, but what has frequently stopped me is the feeling that I don’t have the readership base/posting frequency/quality of content to qualify (obviously I expect the terms and conditions for joining a film critic society vary region to region). So if you wouldn’t mind me picking your brain, please let me know! Thanks!

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  4. This is awesome Tom! It’s great to still see you around. I know I’m in and out lately, but it’s great to return and find someone familiar still writing! Congratulations man 🙂

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    • You’re one of the originals Zoe! It’s been really humbling to have people still here after all this time. And it’s really fun to see you back writing too!! It’s can be a challenge sometimes to keep these things going, especially with the way life is now!

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      • Awww thanks Tom! It really is! It’s been ages and yet we still find our way back to blogging hahaha. It really can be a challenge. I used to have a job back in SA where I could blog at work when I wasn’t busy, but I can’t do that anymore. Then trying to find a space at home to do it is mad, but I love my blog and I am making the concerted effort to keep at it.

        Things are super strange at the minute.

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  5. Congratulations mate. Its not an easy thing keeping a blog going for so many years. Its persistence, stubbornness, hopefully a lot of enthusiasm and good times watching movies, but most of it is hard work, and sometimes its so easy to feel (to quote Carl Sagan) one lonely voice in the cosmic fugue (every comment is a win, in my book). Anyway, keep it going, I’ll be along for the ride: there’s some great movies out there!

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    • I appreciate your readership over the years Ian, it means a lot. The work that goes into sustaining a blog is definitely underrated. So too is keeping the audience, so it’s nice to see familiar faces still here after so much time.


    • My friend I appreciate the support over the years and your kind words! I’m looking forward to next year when things are more closer resembling the moviegoing freedo. that we have surely been shown now we take for granted.

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    • 😜 Thanks so much! It’s been so much fun and I’m looking forward to more. And a freaking haircut soon. Probably will go with myself as the barber, no way am I going in any shop anytime soon 😂


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