The Scarlett Johansson Project

Indeed, it’s time to do another one.

What do you think of the choice?

Scarlett Johansson’s movies have grossed a total of $14 billion, making her the third-highest grossing box office star of all-time. That alone kind of makes her an easy choice for my next Actor Profile. Add to that the fact she stars alongside Bill Murray in one of my favorite movies of all time.

The native New Yorker is, of course, a stunningly beautiful movie star, but as her impressive résumé proves she’s far more than a sex symbol. As she moved into her late 20s (and now in her mid-30s especially) Scarlett’s been seeking out roles that are both strange and complex. Her striking canvas has been used in a variety of interesting ways. Her sultry voice somehow lent profound humanity to an advanced AI. It gave a jungle-dwelling cobra a certain hiss. She’s also proven herself capable of the more athletic acting gigs that are required when you sign on to the MCU, portraying Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow starting in 2010 with Iron Man Mark 2.* And 2019 was a particularly red-letter year for Scarlett, having become the first actress nominated for an Academy Award in both a supporting and leading role in the same year since Cate Blanchett in 2007. She’s fast become one of my favorite modern actresses and I’m really excited to share a few thoughts on some of her roles over the next year. I hope you are along for the ride!

For the first time here I’d like to open this up to my readers. I’m going to be selective with what roles I talk about — I can’t get to all of them unfortunately — but I’d like to hear what roles YOU think I should go with here. (Let’s ignore Black Widow, the Female, Kaa and Charlotte as I’ve already mentioned those above and they’re automatic shoo-ins.)

The Scarlett Johansson Project officially kicks off at the end of February — so please sound off in the comments ASAP!

* seriously, why wasn’t this the title? what a missed opportunity

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11 thoughts on “The Scarlett Johansson Project

  1. Hehe my honest thought? Apart from last year, I couldn’t remember in anything good since Under the Skin. I liked Hail Caesar, which most didn’t, and while she was fantastic in that it was a small part (as were nearly all the parts, which I guess was a problem most folk had with it).

    I’ll be following this tho cos I usually find movies I wouldn’t have otherwise and most movies you put me onto I dig =]


  2. You can start with her beginning in the Robert Redford film about whispering to horses. As an adult, I loved her Under the Skin. Loved her in Girl with Pearl Earring. A guilty pleasure was The Island.

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    • Inspired picks! I believe I’ve seen The Horse Whisperer as a kid, maybe not in full. But I never realized that was her in it. Girl with the Pearl Earring is a blindspot for me — could well be time to fix that! And Under the Skin is 100% going to be featured. That’s her best work IMO. Truly a subtle yet powerful evocation of the human spirit.


  3. I haven’t seen JoJo Rabbit yet but her work in Marriage Story is my favourite.
    In terms of my least favourite… that would be Rough Night (2017). I couldn’t make it past 20 minutes – if that.

    I also often enjoy her work on SNL, but I don’t think that counts. 😁

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    • Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit I think are likely going to be talked about during the course of this year. I still haven’t seen Marriage Story but that’s happening soon. And she really was wonderful in Jojo rRabbit.

      Never heard of Rough Night. Glad I haven’t in that case! 🙂

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  4. Hmm. I have a soft spot for that Ghost in the Shell movie she made a few years back. I thought it was better than it probably had any right to be, thought she was pretty great in the role but was scuppered by needless debate about the casting (people forget the anime deliberately made her character look semi-Western anyway, she was a ‘shell;’ not a living human).

    One thing I do love about her is her choice of movie projects, especially those away from the Marvel mainstream. Under the Skin, yeah, that was cool too- I couldn’t believe she took that on.

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    • So glad someone mentioned Ghost in the Shell — I think I’m going to be having a real challenge here limiting my selections to 12 roles. I really liked her in Ghost and the movie overall. It got a lot of hate from what I remember — notwithstanding the white-washing casting controversy which I didn’t even really pay any mind to to begin with — but yeah I’m looking forward to talking about her roles that aren’t MCU-based, even though that surely is what she’s most known for now.


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