Month in Review: October ’19

(Flicks a cockroach off keyboard) God! Leave me alone, Wounds!!!!

October was certainly bloody and gutsy. I made a conscientious effort to increase the posting frequency while keeping the reviews tailored to the genres of horror/psychological thriller/gross-out (is that a genre? It feels like it should be a genre.) It was a risky approach, because while I did find a film or two that were quite fun and things I would return to again, I certainly didn’t find any horror ‘classics’ through the avenues I chose — Hulu and Netflix. I’m tempted to join Vudu, though the fact it’s currently owned by Wal-Mart makes me wanna Shudder (rate that pun in the comments below). However, that might be changing.

There have also been a few additions to the site here, and I’ll draw attention to them below. Without further waffling, here’s what went down on Thomas J for the past month.

New Posts

Streaming: The Perfection; Wounds; Fractured; Little Monsters; In the Tall Grass; In the Shadow of the Moon

Alternative Content: 30 for 30: Rodman: For Better or Worse; Short, Sweet and Screamy: Huluween reviews

New Additions to the Blog

Given that this entire month featured nothing but streamed content, I decided to create a menu/page titled Reviews By Streaming Service. Hopefully this will be a more convenient way for readers to find those sorts of things, all in one place. It’s a work in progress so as of this posting I only have Hulu reviews accounted for. But look out for a LOT of Netflix reviews in there as well. Of course, you can always scroll through my Film Index for all titles.

On a less important note, if you’re ever browsing through the main page you might notice a few new banners have been added into the mix. I currently have 38 rotating banners, the likes of which I’m just going to guess most people haven’t noticed. I realize most of my traffic is here because of specific links, not so much to peruse my Main Page (and if you do — cheers to you!) If you’re curious, there’s at least 8 new ones added this past month, many of them instantly recognizable, big-time movies. Though I did make a conscientious effort to select scenes from them that are perhaps “less recognizable.”

I have also recently joined the Letterboxd community and have provided a link to my page on the right sidebar. Come see what’s going on there, and if you have an account, feel free to add me/let me know what your handle is so I can add you!

It’s not a horror film, but for Halloween this year I sat down with Dolemite is My Name — what a fantastic experience! 

7 thoughts on “Month in Review: October ’19

  1. I love Vudu but I don’t subscribe to it or anything like that. I mainly have my digital library there and rent films from time to time. They also have a pretty nice and steady rotation of free (and unedited) movies that I enjoy. I am getting Disney+ though. The Mandalorian….MUST WATCH.

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    • Shit, thought i replied to you — my apologies! Yeah, I briefly checked out Vudu. Seems like a digital version of Blockbuster. Pay to rent or own. I may do it sometime, but only for something I find impossible to find anywhere else (Midsommar, perhaps?). But now that I’m also seeing a bunch of things on YouTube too it might be a while before I do that. Ugh, so many choices to make!

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      • It’s the best for waiting for the doctor or dentist – good time killer stuff. I miss blogging. School’s got me all tied up. Still haven’t found a 2019 movie that tops Paddleton 🙂

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        • My blogging community has pretty much fallen apart completely. It seems people are moving on to bigger/better things. I can’t say I blame them. It takes quite the effort to sustain a blog on a regular basis. I’ve always said that as long as I enjoy writing about my experiences with movies, I’ll keep doing it.


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