Month in Review: January ’19

With the first month of 2019 officially in the books, I’d like to welcome everyone back to another Month in Review re-cap! As you can see, it’s out with the old and in with the new. I don’t think any elaborate introduction is really needed anymore — you all know the drill. What a month it has been —

New Posts

Theatrical Releases: The Mule; Aquaman; The Upside; Glass

Streaming: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Netflix)

Alternative Content: Year in Review: 2018 on Thomas J! (Parts 1 and 2); The Marvelous Brie Larson — new Actor Profile!; The Marvelous Brie Larson #1

Around the Blogosphere 

Plain Simple Tom gives us the scoop on Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler)’s new film, the horror-thriller Velvet Buzzsaw (IMO one of the coolest, most intriguing titles of this young year).

Thoughtful Tomes provides us with her Top 5 Sandra Bullock Films.

Glass, of all things, ended up becoming one of my most popular posts in recent weeks. How did others react to M. Night Shyamalan’s latest? Keith and the Movies generally liked it, while admitting “[it] sometimes has a hard time getting all of its pieces to fit.” Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights felt it was “quite enjoyable but didn’t quite reach the same quality as either of the two previous movies and the twist was lacking and came out of nowhere.” And badblokebob (100 Films in a Year) gave it 4 stars out of 5: “I’d certainly rather have something that tries to be fresh, to do something different, to push at boundaries, than an attempt at empty repetition for the sake of easy results.”

Looking Forward

Two major events take place in the realm of entertainment in the month of February: We are two days away from Super Bowl LIII and about four weeks removed from the 91st Academy Awards. These should be things to get excited over and yet I am struggling to muster any enthusiasm whatsoever. I really couldn’t care less about who wins anything, in either event. In fact I am more eagerly anticipating how the Marvel guys are going to bring the dead back to life in Avengers: Endgame than anything else. Is this me getting jaded, am I suffering from seasonal affective disorder or is this just a down year? What about you —

15 thoughts on “Month in Review: January ’19

  1. Just finished Velvet Buzzsaw and other than its amazing title, I found the movie to be way too tame; it needed to be WAY sleazier to really work for me and instead just felt like an edgy made-for-tv lifetime movie.

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    • Jeez no idea how I overlooked your comment here Ryan, sorry about that!

      I am yet to sit down with Dan Gilroy’s new movie but I gotta say the really divided response has me actually more curious. I trust your judgment though, I think it is going to be a weird one no matter what!

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  2. I thought I was getting old and jaded. I used to love the Oscars, a true tradition for me. But now I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm. I thought this a weak year in films.
    I love baseball, but we don’t watch football much. However, we are hosting a Superbowl party. I’m excited to see friends but don’t care about the game much. The commercials are usually better.

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    • Hm, I guess I just forgot to respond to everybody on this post! Hah!

      I was really bored with the game. I wasn’t very much into the commercials either, though there were a few that were really solid — that Jason Bateman in an elevator advertising Hyundai had me cracking up! As to the quality of the year in movies, Idk. Aren’t all years pretty much the same? We get a swell of quality things in the fall/winter, the big action/blockbuster stuff in summer and the garbage/low-confidence projects in winter/early spring? That’s kinda the deal right? After that we are pretty much talking different shades of gray. But that might just be me. That might be me being too dismissive.


      • No! I couldn’t agree more with you.
        I think that’s why I’ve been turning my attention to previous decades to explore the roots of genres and directors and stars. It fills the holes between the good films I see.
        Ha, yes, there were a lot of celebrities popping in during the game. My favorite was seeing The Dude bypassing the White Russian and going for the beer…

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        • Oh man, yes! That was great too. Great example of cross-promotion, with Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man sitting there at the bar. I do miss those ads. They were great.

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      • Yeah, it’s ridiculous — they’re so desperate for viewers, they’re doing stupid crap like that and pissing off people who actually like to watch the awards. I kinda hope the viewing figures go down, so they realise it’s a dumb idea.

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  3. I’m reasonably excited for both although not without hesitation. I like the Super Bowl matchup but I’m especially pumped to see what movie trailers we get. Last year was cool in that regard.

    I’ve always loved the Oscars but this year is testing my enthusiasm. Between their weird choices for nominations and pathetic show structure (some winners being announced during commercial breaks), I’ve found myself a little down on it.

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    • And now that the Super Bowl (and your comment) are nearly a week old — what did ya think of the game? Pretty stout defense eh? In a season where Offense is running up scores higher than many high school basketball games! Lol

      I was pretty meh on the game TBH. But when it comes to the Oscars, man. I really don’t even know if I will sit the whole thing though. I just . . . cannot muster up the enthusiasm. I feel almost bad about that, it has become somewhat of a tradition for me and my dad (my mom was definitely more into it) but at the same time — I know the Best Picture winner will be Vice. There is no way it won’t. Not with who we currently have in the Oval Office.

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      • I thought the game was pretty boring, and I’m a guy who likes defense. It just seemed like there weren’t a lot of exciting defense plays. Important plays, sure. But exciting? Not so much.


    • It’s just not THE year, is it? I kinda want there to be a host this time, just so someone can be handed the wrong envelope so we can rekindle those fond memories.


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