Month in Review: April ’18

To encourage a bit more variety in my blogging posts (who are we kidding — this has become quite repetitive, hasn’t it? Are you even still reading this part?) and to help distance this site from the one of old, I’m installing this monthly post where I summarize the previous month’s activity in a wraparound that will hopefully give people the chance to go back and find stuff they might have missed, as well as keep them apprised of any changes or news that happened that month.

Let’s see what we have here. Do we have anything? Well, put it this way: out of the month’s highest opening weekend grossers, I saw two (2) of them. I missed a chance to Feel Pretty, blocked myself from seeing Blockers, failed to Rampage, skipped this round of Truth or Dare (I feel like I won on that), and I did NOT see the point in Super Troopers 2. So I passed on that grass too. Meanwhile, I am accumulating a backlog of unfinished reviews so long that it has all gotten to a point where I might need to get paid just to contribute content to my own blog.

And because everything is about Money, I’ll just leave this here. On Tuesday, April 10, my dad and I went into the city to see the British cover band Brit Floyd on their 2018 Eclipse World Tour as they played at the world-famous Radio City Music Hall. Pictures are before the show and during the cover of Money. As impressive as the lead singer (Damian Darlington) was, proving himself an uncanny Roger Waters/David Gilmour imitator, the laser show was truly mind-blowing. At various points in the show, from where we sat I swear you could walk out on those colored beams like it was a solid floor of light.

Meanwhile, here is what has been going on on Thomas J during the month of April.

New Posts

New Releases: A Quiet Place; Isle of Dogs

Movie News  

Well, Deadpool Deuce drops like a dookie in a couple weeks (May 18), but you already knew that. You didn’t need the visual, but I bet you needed the extra reminder to get you that much more pumped up. I can’t wait either.

It is true, the universe is expanding, and rapidly. At least when it comes to all things Star Wars. Han Solo has, for some reason that remains unclear beyond money (what’d I say earlier?), gotten his own solo film, and it drops May 25. And it will be called Solo: A Star Wars Story. No kidding? I have to say, I am struggling to muster the enthusiasm for this one. What about you?

As far as sticking up for the little guys this month I am really hoping the new Ethan Hawke drama/horror First Reformed makes its way to local theaters. It is in limited release beginning May 18, and tells of a middle-aged, solitary pastor (Hawke) who experiences a crisis of faith when he is asked by a pregnant parishioner to counsel her radical environmentalist husband. From writer-director Paul Schrader comes a gripping thriller that is at once personal, political, and planetary.

Blogging News

As the 2018 Hot Docs Film Festival continues, the excellent writers over at Cinema Axis (another gem of a blog that you should explore if this is the first time you’ve heard of it) have been busy keeping us up to speed with what’s been hot this year. Check out their plentiful reviews here (or find them in my blogroll).

“You should have gone for the head.” 😦