Month in Review: July ’17

To encourage a bit more variety in my blogging posts and to help distance this site from the one of old, I’m installing this monthly post where I summarize the previous month’s activity in a wraparound that will hopefully give people the chance to go back and find stuff they might have missed, as well as keep them apprised of any changes or news that happened that month.

After another discombobulated period, I’m pleased to announce I will be getting back on track re: regular posting schedules. July was another hot and creatively bankrupt month for me, despite the deafening Dunkirk experience and Atomic Blonde rocking much of my face off.

Because I’m a selective sports fan, I always try to find something interesting to watch . . . . besides baseball. Because baseball isn’t interesting. And the season is 162 games long. You could watch your children grow up during that time. In order to cope, over the last three weeks I’ve sat through another Tour de France, but this time I actually really got into it. I started to study race strategy, even though the final result was more predictable than a Nicholas Sparks movie. British cyclist Chris Froome, riding for Team Sky, won his third straight TDF, and his fifth since 2013, effectively ensconcing himself amongst the sport’s all-time greats, though from what I understand the debate over whether he’s reached Eddie Merckx-levels of dominance will continue to rage. Still, there was some drama along the way, with a few nasty crashes in the mountain stages and a controversial decision to DQ fan favorite Peter Sagan early in the race.

Well aware that I’m playing to an increasingly small crowd here, let me flip the switch and get back into the blogging stuff that matters. Thomas J is about movies, first and foremost. So here’s what’s been going on around here over the last month.

New Posts

New Releases: Spider-man: Homecoming; The Beguiled; War for the Planet of the Apes

Blindspot Selection: Swingers (1996)

Movie News

The last couple of days have brought some sad news with the passing of Sam Shepard and Jeanne Moreau (the former I have had some experience with in his involvement in Jeff Nichols’ Mud and Midnight Special; the latter I am sorry to say I have never heard of until now).

Time to poll the sports nation: who’s going to see the Tom Brady/’Deflategate’ movie? (And for the cineastes, will we get a biopic or something broader? Who frikkin gets to play Roger Goodell? And the Golden Boy himself?) Would this be something you might watch if you’re not a sports fan?

Speaking of which, I want to pitch the Colin Kaepernik movie. His controversial decision to kneel during the National Anthem throughout the 2016-17 season has led to an off-season of unprecedented black-balling on behalf of virtually every NFL owner. Owners who seem to be okay with allowing wife-beaters and dog-killers back in but not those who actively embrace their Constitutionally-protected rights. The talented quarterback’s inability to find work is inextricably linked to his speaking out against police brutality against African-Americans, rather than any statistical concerns many seem to be pointing to. For the director, I’d like Peter Berg. The patriotic furor it caused seems to be right in his wheelhouse.

Blogging News

When the power went out on the night I was seated in Dunkirk, all I could do was smirk. This had been the film I had been looking forward to for some time, and one that found me doing the unthinkable and paying $20 for an IMAX ticket. “Where’s the bloody Royal Air Force?!” More like, where’s my bloody review for the thing.

Congratulations to my longtime friend Zoë of The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger for successfully making the transition from South Africa to London! Exciting times ahead. Best of luck to you guys.

Technically this July I celebrated my sixth year of “flying with WordPress.” A big shout-out to this excellent host. And for continuing to make it affordable. And, of course, for the more-than-half-a-decade of readership you all have given me. Thank you so very much.

What movie(s) are YOU looking forward to catching this August? 

15 thoughts on “Month in Review: July ’17

    • Thanks so much Ashley. Hopefully several more to go. (I once bluffed a former blogger who ran an awesome site, which turned out to be only 2 yrs old at that time, that I was making it a goal to make it a decade of film blogging.) I’m boggled that the time has gone by so fast. Humbled to still be doing this. Again, thank you!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Tom! Settling down a bit, hopefully I am return to blogging soon, I’ve missed writing and reading what everyone else has to say about all.

    Baseball seasons sound crazy long!

    Also forked for an IMAX ticket for Dunkirk this side haha. Saw War for the Planet of the Apes in July and loved it. Atomic Blonde looks interesting, I might go check it out.


    • Yikes!! Well, here is me playing Comment Catchup. 🤣

      Good to hear things are settling, I hope even more so by now. It’s good to see you’ve come back with some reviews, some of which I gotta also catch up on. Lots of stuff to read. What a slacker I have become…

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      • 🙂 No problem!
        Ah, don’t apologise, I was so out of it for so long. Catching up and getting into the habit of staying on top of things again.

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  2. I’d watch a Kaep movie, but I can’t shake the feeling that (if it’s still going in 10 years) it would be awesome and better served as a 30 for 30. You know Kaep would probably do it too.

    Ugh, Brady. Definitely respect him as one of the best ever and probably the best QB ever but I am a little tired of hearing about him. Would probably watch this too, however.

    Very excited for Detroit, Wind River (whenever that finally gets a full release), and middling excitement for The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Glass Castle. It really has been a pretty strong year for quality movies in my opinion, even if the box office doesn’t show that.

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    • You’re right. ESPN Films probably would be the ideal platform for that story. I think it’d be a good one. It’s a divisive issue, to be sure. Something about his story feels larger than life.

      Yeah, the Tom Brady narrative is pretty played out. I totally understand your unenthusiasm toward movies about him and/or the Patriots. Haha! There’s a lot of potential for a good drama there, but knowing the track record of sports movies, it may end up being pointless. Who knows. I think there’s multiple movies in production about that, too.

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    • Oh nice! Any favorite riders? I’ve been really getting into it over the last few years. Those grand tours are just so insane man!


  3. I love WordPress. I used to be on Blogger and it was so not the platform for me. (Though WordPress can make me crazy when they just change settings, I am a creature of habit haha).

    I’d also like to see a Colin Kaepernik movie – he really managed to ruffle feathers that needed to be ruffled. His inability to find employment is a sign that he succeeded.

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    • I forgot all about Blogger as a hosting platform haha! Wow. But now that you mention it, I remember a long time ago being a part of Blurty. I’m sure no one remembers that. 🙂 WordPress is the business man, it’s really easy to use and yeah I do get occasionally irked by some changes they make. But I don’t know if I’m going to ever go anywhere else. I’m happy flying with them!

      The Kaepernik story is really intriguing I think. It would no doubt be a controversial film if it ever were made, but I think it ought to be. This country views American football as a gladiatorial ring. Players can step in there and just about kill each other, but god help their souls if they should ever speak their minds about what’s happening in American society.


    • Detroit, A Ghost Story, 68 Kill and Logan Lucky are my top picks. Don’t forget, Americans will be treated to a special screening of the Mayweather-McGregor fight in theaters Aug 26!!! Get your tickets now!!!!!!!


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