Blindspot Update!

Attention people — 

THERE’S BEEN A CHANGE! . . . re: my Blindspot 2017 line-up.

In anticipation of the Trainspotting sequel,* I am swapping out my March and May Blindspot entries so I will be able to see the original before checking out T2. That also means What About Bob? will now be pushed back to May.

Rumor has it the US of A gets the film early April, so that timing should work out perfectly. Of course, I live in New Jersey . . . . .

Click here if you want to check out my full Blindspot List.

* Also, at the behest of a particularly perceptive reader

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    1. Yessir! Definitely looking forward to spotting some trains. 😃

      And I’m curious to know if I’ll learn why Danny Boyle titled his movie what he did

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