Welcome to Thomas J!

Hello everyone.  I thought I would tip my readers off to something subtle going on here. My blog is changing. I’m finally re-branding.

I know, I know. It’s been Digital Shortbread for over half a decade now.

Risk much? Yes. Yes it is.

Work much? Yes, yes it also is.


I’ll leave that one open-ended. But I’m excited about this new journey through film, everyone. I really am. I’m psyched on the new theme, too. WordPress offers us SO many cool options. For those curious, I’m now surfing the ‘Hemingway Rewritten’ theme. A change of theme means a change of a lot of things, so you’ll have to pardon my dust as I try to assimilate the entire site to Thomas J. That means newcomers are probably going to stumble upon remnants of the old — the Digibread Awards being a big one (don’t worry, I’m not scrapping those posts) — and some things are going to look out of place for a while.

But this is it. I’m doing this. This is the future of film blogging for me. For the time being my URL will remain the same, but it will soon change to reflect the blog’s new identity. I’m not sure if that will screw with everyone’s WordPress reader or if people are going to get confused but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I hope you are going to come along for the ride. Please, tell your friends, family and your pet raccoon about the news!

45 thoughts on “Welcome to Thomas J!

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  2. I’m such a doofus. How did it take me so long to collect the dots. Excuse me while I slither off to the dumb-dumb corner.

    Can’t wait to follow along on your new angle. Should be a blast.


    • Haha! Don’t beat yourself up Keith — I honestly was expecting several people to stop following, a change like this sometimes leads to confusion. I am happy to report I’ve not only lost people in the transition I’ve received an overwhelming amount of support! It’s been great! Thanks so much for yours!

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    • Hey there Emma, thank you for the encouragement — and also thanks for all the site visits! I think there were 40+ notifications I just got! That put a wind in my sails! 😀


  3. Great stuff! Excited for you, and it is looking awesome!

    Dude, my blog has been The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger for over four years now, and it isn’t even right anymore hahaha, but I am too scared to change is, and because it is sort of like a running joke for me now hahahaha.

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    • Thanks for years of great support for DSB! (May it rest peacefully.) I’m looking forward to moving on with a new theme and look, I definitely feel this is now more ‘me’ than my blog was before and I think that’s key in wanting to stick with blogging for a longer time.

      Hey — if you ever change the name of your site I’ll have to write an angry letter! Yours is a terrific name and its so unique. Same with Natasha — YOU’RE TOO GOOD AS IS!! 😉 😀

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      • You know it! Here’s to many more years on this site 😀 I am glad you are enjoying it again, all fresh and new. Sometimes a facelift is totally necessary!

        LOL! Why thank you! I will have to remember that hehe.

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      • I loved the layout of your old blog Tom, but I must say this looks really sleek and professional – well done!

        I keep wanting to change the name on my blog, but I’m scared and also really lazy haha.
        Glad you like it though, I always think it doesn’t really tell people what i’m blogging about 😮

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        • Such nice feedback, thank you! I’m really content with it. And hey, any distractions I can create to disguise my lack of skill is helpful! Lol!!

          I really like your site name. Since I’ve made the switch I feel like I’ve personalized the site a bit more. I said to Zoe, it feels “more like me” now. I think your site and Zoe’s are so good because they suggest all kinds of experiences. ‘Digital Shortbread’ just became hollow, it didn’t really mean much. Did it mean anything at all?!? 😉


    • You’re awesome Alex — thank you very much. Not much is really changing other than appearance I suppose but yeah with the name change I’m hoping not too many people get confused in their readers and delete this thinking it’s a blog they weren’t following before lol!

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  4. Nice one mate. It’s great to hear you’re still keeping your hand in. I know I’ve been very sporadic on the blogging front these days but i hate taking a break only to return to some of the good ones giving it up entirely. I’ll keep my eye out for more Thomas J posts.

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    • Thanks very kindly friend. I’m eager to take this blog in a new direction. Obviously content is going to be the same but I feel so refreshed having done some house cleaning. 🙂

      Thanks for staying on for the ride

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    • Change is a hell of a thing sometimes. I’m going to dye my hair a different color to reflect all the changes. Complete identity overhaul Mutey. 😃😄


    • A new theme and a new blog identity. It’s a whole new era my friend. it had to be done. i was so tired of the old name. It just made no sense. Thanks for the support! I look forward to your changes if you do go ahead and pursue that.

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  5. I love the rotating banners. The rumble with Jets and Sharks caught my eye as well as MI and floating Tom. Great idea, Tom. Your reviews are the best written ones out there. Looking forward to reading more in 2017.


    • I love that display as well. Honestly it was a big factor in the decision. 😉

      I’m looking forward to what this will be going forward. Thanks for staying along for the ride! I know often when blogs change it can be distracting or confusing but I just had to finally do it. I feel good about it

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  6. Nice, Tom! Already digging the new look. I find that changing things up can be a lot of fun and it’s something I do regularly on my blog—it definitely makes things feel fresh and new, which is a huge part of keeping a blog around for a while.

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