Just a Quick Thought: Netflix purges 30-for-30?

30-for-30-logoTwo nights ago I was browsing through my Netflix looking for a potential stand-out for my monthly sports documentary review. As regular readers are aware, at the end of each month I like to discuss a 30-for-30 film, products of ESPN’s wonderful documentary series. Well this week I had the rude awakening that Netflix may or may not have purged the entire documentary series, as I can no longer find a single title on there. I tried every key word I could think of that might pull up the titles, but to no avail.

The Netflix addicted are well aware that the service regularly gets rid of stuff to make room for incoming new material on a monthly rolling basis. According to the internet, January saw the disappearance of merely a few ESPN film titles, but what I have found so far has proven that that’s not entirely true. There are, as of right now, no more 30-for-30 films available through this platform. Weirder still, I cannot find any article online that corroborates what I’m experiencing.

So for those of you who have Netflix, could you do me a huge favor? Would you mind checking on your own account to see if you can find anything related to the series? Anything with the umbrella title 30-for-30? And would you mind letting me know in the comments what you were able to find, positive or negative? Pretty please with a cherry on top? While I feel like this is going to be a fruitless attempt to confirm what I already fear has happened, I am still willing to believe that maybe this is just an issue on my end. Anyway — thanks for your help and as always, happy watching! (And here’s to hoping my documentary reviews can continue!)

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13 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought: Netflix purges 30-for-30?

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    • Yeah, I know. Netflix just made it really easy. It was my one-stop shop for all things 30-for-30. It’s dumb they’ve dropped them all.

  2. Annoyingly we don’t get 30-for-30 via U.K. Netflix. I’ve really enjoyed your pieces on them so I’d be as gutted as you if they’ve removed them. Hopefully they’ll be back on there soon if that’s the case.

    • I do not know if they are going to return. They were on there for some time. I’m left wondering if there is something going on with the whole Disney looking to purchase ESPN/Netflix thing. They very well may only be temporarily removing them. Still, doesn’t account for the fact January’s purge list notes 8 or so titles are being taken down. When in reality it’s the whole series. :\

  3. What a bummer Tom! But yeah Netflix does purge/add titles every few months it seems, or even sooner than that. Many of the foreign films I’ve enjoyed have disappeared as well, which is frustrating. You can check http://instantwatcher.com/ for both Netflix and Amazon, they seem to be quite updated as to which titles are still available on both places.

    • My confusion comes from the fact there was zero mention of Netflix dumping all 100+ 30-for-30 documentaries. January 2017’s purge list included 8 titles, not all of them. I just don’t get it. This is the first time Netflix has really done something to annoy me.

      • Yeah that is indeed annoying if they didn’t announce they’re gonna dump something. But then again I didn’t know they were dumping some of the foreign films that I had been enjoying either, seems that the sites/blogs only focus on the US feature films in terms of what Netflix is adding/purging :\

    • Yeah and I see it is also available still via ESPN so I’m going to have to go there if I want these 30-for-30 reviews to continue. Thanks for checking anyway!

  4. Doesn’t look good. I checked mine and got a host of sports documentaries but none from the 30/30 series. The words pop up when I type it in the search bar but none of the movies they list show as available.

    • Gah, so frustrating. I don’t know if there’s something going on between ESPN and Netflix. I read an article about Disney looking to possibly buy out those companies and maybe ESPN has decided to drop their films from Netflix either temporarily or permanently. It makes me sad because there were literally dozens of great docu’s to get into. Maybe even a hundred or more. Thankfully I see they are available via ESPN on my smart TV and there’s always YouTube but Netflix just made it so convenient.

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