Just a Quick Thought: Thank you, Craig


Craig Sager, the long-time sideline reporter for the Turner broadcasting network, passed away today, December 15, 2016 at the age of 65 after a long and courageous battle with acute myeloid leukemia. He leaves behind a wife and five children, as well as a spot on the sidelines and a place in front of the TNT cameras that will likely never be filled again.

Perhaps the only thing that ever rivaled Sager’s enthusiasm for the events he covered or the number of iconic events with which he will forever be associated — Hank Aaron’s 715th home run in 1972 (which broke Babe Ruth’s record); the 2000 Sydney Olympics; the 2015 NBA Finals . . . while battling his illness — is his wardrobe. Over a 40+ year-long career Sager had shaped a public image as only he could; his colorful, outrageous suits have raised as many eyebrows as any NBA player sporting the latest en vogue fashion item. Or any Hollywood starlet trying to make a statement on the Red Carpet.


The inimitability of Craig Sager runs far deeper than his outward flamboyance, a flamboyance that stood in a strange contrast to his direct, matter-of-fact line of questioning. If anyone needs evidence of the kind of influence he had around the league, they need look no further than the rapport he shared with San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

The way he continued to hone his craft even during the darkest periods of his life is a miracle. It, in all likelihood, will come to define the journalist as a figure we should all look up to. His stoicism (and his suits) were gems of the National Basketball Association. Two days before he passed he was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He will be dearly missed. Rest in paradise, Craig.

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12 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought: Thank you, Craig

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  2. The way the NBA is honouring this man is amazing. I really liked Kerr’s ‘moment of joy’ rather than a moment of silence. Hell, even Charles was on point with what he said: this is a man who LIVED. And like you say he was so much more than the suits. And any time he interviewed Pop was golden!!

    Have you seen the clip of KJ straight up telling him to burn his suit? Hahahaha, priceless.

    I’ve never been as moved by the death of a ‘celebrity’ as much as this man. There will never be another person remotely like him. I still can’t quite believe it

    Great post man. Sager will forever be missed. Hell, I obviously never met the man, but I sure as shit will never forget him and his attitude to life, and the fight that he showed.

    Truly one of a kind.


    • Yipes! Sorry for missing your comment buddy-o-pal!

      Yes, the loss of Craig Sager is too much to process really. I’m still pretty torn up over it. But it’s been absolutely wonderful seeing how much love he gave to everyone as it is now being reciprocated and was especially being reciprocated during the final days and the days after he passed. It’s so cruel how prevalent cancer is. Really just awful.


  3. NBA is honoring him in a great way. It’s so surreal to see a sideline reporter honored like this but the man was,crazy enough, a fabric of basketball, and by all accounts he was just a great guy. He will be missed, great post Tom.


    • Thanks. This is a real loss and it’s sad but the reaction to him and how people are celebrating his life has been truly spectacular. This man was well-loved.

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    • Thanks. He had such a special way of bringing out a smile for me too. He was such a goofball, but today is just proof of how much more of an influence he was. I cannot believe he is gone. But his legacy lives on!

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    • I love this guy. He made sideline reporting relevant. I haven’t been this heartbroken since the passing of my mother. Truly. Today is surreal.

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