Celebrating Five Years of DSB

DSB 5.0

As I tend to do every year, this July 4 I’d like to reflect back on yet another amazing year of blogging about the movies here on Digital Shortbread™. I’m feeling more confident than ever going forward with this project of mine. Thus I don’t foresee too many changes in the way things are run around here, at least for the time being. Until I inevitably start getting ancy again. 😉

No, indeed here in year numero cinco, I’d like to just see if I can keep the status quo. I want to continue to reinvent what I do here while remaining a reliable source of diverse movie reviews and commentary. And I want to continue to learn from your experiences as much as I do from my own. It’s so reinvigorating knowing that in the five years since I’ve been here I keep bumping into more and more people with similar mindsets, interests, tastes and obsessions. I’m constantly torn in different directions to pay attention to something new and it’s both exhausting and exhilarating all at once.

The blogging landscape sure has changed since I first arrived. But the support I have felt behind each and every new post I make, each edition of the DigiBread Awards that I host, has not. So, for the fifth time in a row, I must thank you all for choosing to read what I have to write. Thank you so much for keeping me motivated.

DSB 5.0 movies of the year so far collage

So here are five things we’re going to do to mark this occasion:

  1. Every single one of you who has ever commented on and/or Liked one of my posts will automatically get $5. There you go! Did you feel that change in your bank account? You should, because really, it’s the thought that counts;
  2. More practically, everyone who leaves a comment on this particular post will get some combination of five emojis (don’t worry, they’ll be positive as long as your comments are positive);
  3. We’re going to start a count-down to the five films I will be most looking forward to the rest of this calendar year (in essence a truncated version of a top-that list but I will link these reviews back here instead) — and I’d like to know if I should be so excited about these films or not from you guys;
  4. Tell me: which five movies do you wish were opening up next weekend? These can be any movies you’re excited about. Anything at all. (However, if you bring up that Nine Lives movie starring Kevin Spacey as a cat our friendship will cease to exist.)
  5. Poll time! The more votes on this the better peeps so don’t be shy of suggesting one of the five films I listed below for me to go back and re-watch and give a one or two paragraph write-up on my thoughts on the second viewing. These are all films I have initially given a max of 4/8 slices to, so the goal is to see if any of these movies (whichever gets the most votes) deserved a more positive review.


  1. Suicide Squad (August 5) — looks crazy, is directed by David Ayers, and . . . I mean, just look at that cast Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I sound like a total bandwagoning fan right now but man does this movie look like fun!
  2. Sully (September 9) — story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after safely landing his plane in the Hudson River after birds flew into the engine. Predictable and overly dramatic it may well become, but this likable cast and this great director (Eastwood) make this a must-see for me this September
  3. The Birth of a Nation (October 7) — much-talked about Sundance sensation has already been putting off strong vibes à la Steve McQueen’s brutal 12 Years a Slave.  A movie that I just have to see no matter how difficult it may be to endure.
  4. Doctor Strange (November 4) — another good example of me going into a movie having little, if any, background knowledge of the story. But the film gains a lot more interest on the grounds of it starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular, arrogant doctor Stephen Strange. Plus, you know, the whole thing just looks . . . whacky. Can’t wait!
  5. Loving (November 4) — the next film from Jeff Nichols, a director that has yet to let me down. I am still in need of checking out Take Shelter, but I am more looking forward to seeing what this decidedly more Joel Edgerton-centered film has to offer. Michael Shannon is in it too, but looks to take a backseat.

Well, that about does it folks. Onward we go! I’d like to once again spread the thank-you’s as far and wide as they can go. Thank you for helping DSB stick around just a little longer and for helping me celebrate a fifth year here. Don’t forget to leave your responses below (or else relinquish the opportunity to interact with me purely through emoticons). 

49 thoughts on “Celebrating Five Years of DSB

  1. UPDATE: Well, it looks like the head-to-head between Only God Forgives and John Wick has finally been settled — Only God Forgives wins out with 6 votes, JW with 5, The Monuments Men with 3 and Jurassic World and Kingsmen with 2 apiece.

    Thank you very much everybody who voted! Look for a quick blurb on OGF sometime in the coming weeks!


    • Thanks ever so much Anna, yeah it’s kind of funny with Only God Forgives. It’s winning the poll now and only now a I regretting having it on the list! Hahah! I was looking forward to John Wick! 😉 But it’s all good, I need to keep an open mind about all of these films I included so OGF it is. And you’re right, I do look forward to the beautiful visuals at the very least. 🙂


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  3. Congrats man!! I think my ‘birthday’ is soon but I have no idea what date. 5 years is awesome man, keep it up!!

    And for me, if a movie could open tomorrow, it’d be Suicide Squad. There is also a presentation of Nick Cave’s new album but I dunno if that’s only in Aus. One night only! Also really looking forward to Blood Father…. perhaps its a perverted curiosity but I want to see it!

    And again, congrats! Here’s to five years more eh? Cheers!

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    • Dude thanks! In the five years I’ve been here I’ve learned a lot and there’s still so much more to learn, so I believe I will be sticking around here for another while! 🙂

      SS is a good choice, I can’t wait for that to premier either man. I have hopes and doubts about it, but no different than any other movie I suppose. Also, Blood Father — I just saw the trailer yesterday and that actually looks decent! I’d love to see Mel Gibson make a return to form again even after all these weird years he’s had.


      • I think Gibson’s film will kick ass. Just a hunch but I reckon he is back legit, he has been appearing in small roles here and there the last couple of years. I think it will be great, but we’ll wait and see eh

        And Suicide Squad…. man, I hate superhero/superpeople movies but I’m looking forward to this a lot. It will either destroy my faith in these sorta movies completely or it will be awesome. Either way, can’t wait! I already know Robbie is gonna kick ass. Aussie power right there! ;D

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  4. Huge congrats, man! Caught my eye when I started a few years ago. To me, you’re one of the best in the entire review blogosphere, so thorough yet still brief, which is important.

    I vote you should re-review John Wick, is actually on the list done by ScreenRant as one of the most stylish movies of the decade, http://screenrant.com/most-stylish-movies-2010s-this-decade/?view=all)

    As for what I wish could come out next week
    -The Accountant (trailer song hooked me)
    -The Magnificent Seven (don’t see many traditional Westerns)
    -Bleed for This (getting a TON of boxing movies with this, Hands of Stone, and something else I’m sure I’m forgetting)
    -Nocturnal Animals (Jake G will not be in two disappointing films in a row!)

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    • Ah thanks so much Mark — and thanks for providing the titles you wished were coming out this weekend! I’m definitely eager to get in on The Accountant and see what’s up with that. Mysterious and eerie looking, reminiscent a little of Gone Girl. At least to me. Could be great. And this is the first time I am hearing about Nocturnal Animals — so many thanks for putting that on my radar.

      Thanks as always for being a devoted reader/commenter here man. Onwards we go.

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    • I think the numbers have it, good sir. It looks increasingly like I’ll be chatting about John Wick again shortly (it’s winning by at least 2 votes). Thank God! 😉 Nah, I really should try to give OGF another shot. It was so unique but just frustrating at the same time. Worthy of another go-around for sure.

      As for the celebrations — Mark you know your support is what helped get me here to five years. I couldn’t have done it without having like-minded bloggers and friends like yourself around cheering me on. Thanks so much for that. 🙂

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  5. Congrats man, 5 years is quite a long time. You’ve always put up some solid reviews and tidbits and I’ve always enjoyed reading your work.

    As for movies coming later this year, I’m looking forward for Scorsese’s Silence and Malick’s Voyage of Time the most.

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    • Hey Charles — thanks so much man. 5 years is a long time for some things but in this sense it has just flown by. Really hasn’t felt that long! I appreciate you stopping in to see what I have to say, it always motivates me having readers there at the wait. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀

      I haven’t heard of Voyage of Time yet. Two Malicks’ in 2016? Very cool!

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  6. BY THE WAY PEEPS — it looks like John Wick is leading the way right now with 3 votes, I forgot to mention the poll closes in a week so unless something else happens I think it could be that movie that I’ll be re-reviewing. Remember to get your votes in if you haven’t already! Thanks!


  7. Congrats, man! That’s quite the accomplishment! Sully does look great and I’m hoping that Suicide Squad turns out to be a winner because that movie looks like a ton of fun. I’m also really looking forward to the new Bourne movie and Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe!

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    • Ryan thanks a lot man. I can’t believe how time flies when you’re having fun! I don’t know if I have yet heard of Don’t Breathe so I’ll keep my head on a swivel for that one; Suicide Squad hopefully will deliver (David Ayers is a pretty solid director, so I’m hoping it has its dark, grittier moments too). Here’s to more great movies this year!

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  8. Congratulations Tom! Gimme my emojis! Quite intrigued by all of the film’s you mention, though of the 5 it’s Birth of a Nation that has intrigued me the most. I might watch the original first…a very different film!

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    • Stu, for you I have: 😀 🙂 😉 😀 😀

      Yeah, Birth of a Nation I think is going to be a front-runner for a Best Pic (surely, right? Esp given the timing) and I can’t wait to see it. So that must be where I thought the title felt familiar from — so whatever the original film is, the one upcoming isn’t based on or a remake of or anything?

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      • Definitely not a remake! Apparently the first one is extremely racist, portraying black characters as violent and sexually aggressive and the KKK as a heroic force for good. The KKK were still using it as a recruitment video in the 1970s, according to Wikipedia. So…total propaganda, but it was one of the earliest commercially-successful films made, was extremely innovative in many ways and served as a bedrock for the movie industry.
        Sorry for bringing the KKK into your blog anniversary celebrations!

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        • Au contraire, no blogiversary bash is complete without at least one KKK reference!! 😉 No but seriously, it sounds like the one that’s coming out this year is a night-and-day difference. Or perhaps it’s even in reference to that movie, a damning indictment of the movie just simply based on sharing the title alone. Like, the subject matter won’t necessarily speak to any kind of ripping on the filmmakers’ part but if it turns out to be the excellent movie I think it looks like, won’t that be funny — hey everyone, check out THIS version of The Birth of a Nation, not that other crap. lol

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  9. Tom! Congrats. I don’t think I know anyone who has been blogging longer than you have. It shows, too. You are the best reviewer and a fine writer. I enjoy you and thank you once again for co-hosting the L13FC with me. I’m very excited for Loving as Shannon and Nichols can do no wrong.

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    • Many thanks in kind Cindy. 🙂 🙂 😀 😛 🙂

      Your dedication to DSB over the years has always been appreciated and I look forward to more interactions in the future. Long live the shortbread Cindy. 😉

      Yep – Loving just crept up on me outta nowhere recently and now I absolutely have to see it.

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  10. Congrats on five years man!


    I am particularly looking forward to the new Jason Bourne film and Suicide Squad (which I wanted to see, but was ready to wait for DVD for until I saw that trailer again but on the big screen, then I knew I would have to trip out for it).

    Plus, of course, Nine Lives. Don’t ever forget that. xD

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    • Pah! Pooh all over Nine Lives! 😦 That thing looks a disgrace, I tell you! Lol (no but for realsies it does, Kevin Spacey — wtf man)

      I do really think SS will be great on the big S, not the little s. That’s a lot of S’s.

      And thanks once again for always following DSB Zoe, we go way back!! XD

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      • xD I am in agreement with you there hahahaha.

        A ton of Ss! I am looking forward to it. Apparently even my colleague and his lady were indifferent to where they saw it, until they saw the trailer on the big screen – now it is non-negotiable.

        Hells yeah we do, and we will have spans of time in the future still, too!

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    • Many thanks Natasha! Thanks for helping me keeping going. Sully is going to be great I think too. Directed by Clint Eastwood? Starring Tom Hanks? What’s not to love?! 🙂 😀 😀 😉 😉


  11. WOW! Five years? Congrats man. You have put up a ton of good content and I always appreciate the conversations. Here’s to five more!

    OH, before I forget. Loving for sure. Anything Jeff Nichols does is a must-watch. He has become that type of filmmaker for me.

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    • Thank you VERY much Keith, you are among the readers/bloggers I count as my most consistent and dedicated. I can’t believe it’s been 5 already. Loving looks to be great, that Jeff Nichols is incredible isn’t he? 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

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      • Incredible indeed. I’m really proud of his success. Not many prominent filmmakers from Arkansas much less brilliant ones. Nichols is a perfect 4 for 4 in my book.


          • Shotgun Stories. It was his first film and a very good indicator of what was to come. It had a minuscule budget but such a good script. And you guessed it, Michael Shannon is in it.

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