30 for 30: This Magic Moment

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Release: Thursday, April 14, 2016 (Vol. III, Ep. 8)


Starring:¬†Shaquille O’Neal; Penny Hardaway; Mickey Mouse

Directed by: Erin Leyden; Gentry Kirby

Distributor: ESPN Films



What happens when big money and even bigger egos obscure a clear path to victory? You get This Magic Moment, a documentary filled to the brim with ‘what-if’s and ‘what-could-have-been’s.¬†In it, the flashy Orlando Magic finds itself under scrutiny for handling the Shaquille O’Neal-Penny Hardaway era¬†with butterfingers.

Many questions are raised here, but none linger quite like the one concerning the very fabric of what the Magic were and what they could have been.¬†How could a team that slammed the brakes on the¬†damn near unstoppable locomotive that was the Chicago Bulls, also¬†make so many consecutive playoff appearances without ever bringing back the hardware? Even given Shaq’s infamous superstition, there was something else going on, something other than bad luck.¬†Senior ESPN Films producer Erin Leyden and producer Gentry Kirby, sharing directorial credits here,¬†seek tangible explanations.

This Magic Moment¬†jettisons viewers back to¬†the early days of the franchise, where we see a much younger (and¬†trimmer) Shaq being courted like the new Prince of the Magic Kingdom. His noncommittal attitude at the time foreshadowing the uncertainty that lay ahead. These days weren’t all gloom and doom of course, and while Shaq doesn’t dominate the narrative quite like one might expect, he certainly gives us plenty of reasons why the years in Orlando were the most cherished of his 19-year career. The film is as much about the organization’s failures as it is about Shaq’s trajectory from collegiate talent to world-famous personality. (In the ’90s he was breaking backboards. Now he’s the seal of approval for at least 50 products, including essentials like Dove For Men, Drone watches, Vitamin Water, Gold Bond, and — oh yes — sleep apnea masks.)

Indeed this is more Shaq’s show than anyone¬†else’s. Even still, Leyden and Kirby budget their time efficiently enough to make room for¬†Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway — the jelly to Shaq’s peanut butter — who, as he steadily worked his way into the national spotlight, threatened to take some of it away from the Magic’s most prized possession. Moving away from the formative years, This Magic Moment delves into the veritable pissing contest that developed between Shaq and a second burgeoning superstar, an off-court game of one-upsmanship¬†that threatened to derail the whole enterprise. As per the life of a professional basketball¬†player, success is typically measured based on their commercial appeal: shoe deals, new commercials, international trips to foreign lands to spread the¬†goodwill of an American monopoly.

There’s also the whole debate swirling around whether Shaq made the right decision to bail for the sunny beaches of southern California in 1996 to become Kobe Bryant’s partner in crime on the Lakers, leaving Hardaway as the sole alpha male back in Orlando. Comments he makes in the present seem to suggest that Shaq at the very least thought it wasn’t the right one. He’s left pondering poolside with a 40-something-year-old Hardaway about what they could have done together had he stayed. How many titles could they have won if certain other things had worked out differently?

There’s a lot of emotion to be invested in this story, even if you’re not a diehard supporter of the glitz-and-glam of the Orlando Magic. Amidst all the talk of numbers, odds¬†and probabilities, there lies a fundamentally human story about what it takes to be successful in life. And just because you find that success doesn’t mean it’s going to last.

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The House that Shaq (mostly) Built

Moral of the Story:¬†This Magic Moment isn’t exactly the definitive story of Shaq but it gives viewers and fans of the game some insight into his beginnings as an NBA star. The film is made so much more watchable due to the personalities involved, and for anyone who calls themselves a fan of basketball they can’t deny Shaq was one of the biggest players in NBA history, in more ways than one. This is a commentary on the business of the NBA as much as it is a personal journey for a big-time player.¬†

Rated: TV-G

Running Time: 101 mins.

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6 thoughts on “30 for 30: This Magic Moment

  1. Awesome post man, I didn’t know anything about this! Apparently Shaq had very low confidence when he was younger… dunno how that could play into what happened though.

    Since he isn’t in the media, I’m really interested to hear from Penny. He was my favourite player when I was younger

    That is pretty cool tho that they are sitting there smiling, talking about what could have been. As an NBA fanatic I’m jealous you have seen this!


  2. Some of these, like regular movies, don’t have a ton of rewatchability. This isn’t one of the best as you seemed to allude to, but I like the story they tell in the two hour runtime, about the luck they had with acquiring two top 10 players for that time on the same squad in the draft, how quickly everything came together, and how quickly certain success was ripped apart.

    Penny should have been a legend if he stayed healthy ūüė¶

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    • I agree it’s not up there with the best of ESPN Films’ offerings but because it tells part of the big story of Shaq I found it really entertaining. And yeah it’s a total shame about Penny man. His damn body gave out before his mind did. Such a shame.

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    • That it has my friend, that it haaassssssss. . . too many to really keep up with, in fact. I’m in a b-ball mindset right now as the ’16 Playoffs are winding down. The Finals kick off thursday!!! When it’s all over I’ll prob shift gears and look at another sport ūüôā

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