Just a Quick Thought

He’s my guy. The next hapless victim of my recent obsession with actor-obsessing. But who is he? And what do you think? Over the next 11 months I’d like to break down the roles and movies this man has been a part of and attempt to explain how his presence has left an indelible impression on each of those projects. Let me know what you think of the upcoming feature in the comments below!

If you are curious about the other actors I’ve profiled so far, all you need to do is bounce on up to the Features menu up top and find the sub-heading ‘Actor Profiles.’

Once again, thanks for reading and being a part of the journey!

32 thoughts on “Just a Quick Thought

    • Excellent! I’m hoping that many of the posts I won’t have to do *too* much research for. I found that, as the JCR Factor went on, I had to actually watch new films just to get through the year. Haha. As much stuff as Reilly had been in that I had seen, there was just as much I hadn’t experienced yet so that was an interesting challenge. Giamatti, however, is like the white Samuel L. Jackson. He’s everywhere

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    • Emma! Wonderful to see your smiling face around here! Very glad to see you, and thanks for chiming in. Looks like I didn’t do a very good job of concealing the guy — of course, he does have ‘one of those faces,’ doesn’t he? I look forward to sharing this feature with everyone over the next several months. Cheers!


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