Exclusive Interview: Gerard Lough Talks Night People

Hey all, I just thought I’d let you know James over at Mr. Rumsey has published my little chat with Night People director Gerard Lough, if you all would care to take a look. Thank you so much!

I also thought I’d share the exciting news that part of my review can now be found on the film’s Wikipedia page, under ‘Release and Reception.’ I’m excited to say the least to see my work gaining a bit of traction.



16 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Gerard Lough Talks Night People

    • Most excellent. Actually, just read your comment on the interview itself. Glad you liked our conversation. ‘Twas a good experience for me. Hope to do it again soon with another.

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  1. Congrats on the interview and the ink on Wiki. That’s gotta taste good and right before Thanksgiving – how sweet is that?

    Have a great one tomorrow! 😀

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    • Much appreciated Tim! It has been an amazing opportunity getting to do these interviews with industry people. Hoping for some more in the near future. You have a good T-giving yourself man. Cheers

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