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This eighth entry comes a bit later in the month than usual, but better late than never, right? Anyway, today we have yet another small bit part in a movie from last year that had everyone and their mother talking about how great it was. There was a great deal of analysis provided for this film as well as passionate essays about how incredibly well this particular gamble paid off for Marvel Studios. The five main characters have certainly enjoyed their time in the spotlight, and I think it’s time now to turn it to one of the supporting players who managed to contribute to the fun of this movie in a cameo. Sure, this is minor stuff when compared to Mr. Reilly’s other contributions, but hey — it still counts.


John C. Reilly as Corpsman Rhomann Dey in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Role Type: Supporting

Genre: action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/ridiculous

Character Profile: Corpsman Dey is one of many who belong to planet Xandar’s highly-regarded Nova Corps, the high-tech gizmo-obsessed intergalactic police force. As Corpsman, he has achieved the highest rank within the force. He has much to be proud of. Dey is also an old acquaintance of Star-Lord (a.k.a. Peter Quill), having previously arrested the rebellious Earthling-turned-Ravager for petty theft (not shown in the 2014 film). He again runs into Star-Lord following an altercation involving him, Gamora, Rocket the Raccoon and Groot on Xandar, arresting them all and bringing them in for questioning during which they learn little beyond what Dey had already known: Peter Quill is one sarcastic dude and has a chronic inability to take anything really seriously. Dey has a wife and a child who narrowly escape death thanks to the efforts of Rocket in a major attack sequence involving Ronan the Accused. Though Dey warns the Guardians that future criminal activity won’t be tolerated, he gives the ragamuffins a full pardon in light of their valiant efforts in defeating the least charismatic villain you’ll find in almost any film.

If you lose JCR, the film loses: a fairly humorous interrogation scene. Granted, this scene would have happened anyway, but oh boy does Mr. Reilly add a layer of deadpan humor to proceedings. While relegated to a glorified cameo part in this massive cast of characters, he manages to remain memorable. Reilly’s sense of humor and ability to deliver with a dead-serious face adds another layer to a film already deep in its comedic sensibilities. He also manages to bring about an affability that makes it very easy to cheer for him as the events of the film build towards a ridiculous intergalactic battle. It’ll be nice to see if he makes a return in Volume 2.

That’s what he said: “He said that he may be an . . . ‘a-hole.’ But he’s not, and I quote, ‘100% a dick.'”

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27 thoughts on “JCR Factor #8

  1. I’d forgotten he was in this. A brief cameo but classic JCR. One question, have you seen Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion? JCR has a short but memorable cameo in that too that’s work checking out.

  2. Sean loves this movie and we were discussing it last night – he’s surprised I only saw it the once. Clearly I need to rewatch it since I totally forgot JCR was in it!

    • It’s a very small role but it’s worth mentioning. Truthfully I went with this one b/c time was running out and I got lazy. I could have covered his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, but I’m thinking i’ll do that for next month and maybe tie that film into my Throwback Thursday segment.

    • I don’t know if I want to see that film man, it just sounds so incredibly stupid to me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get over the inanity of the premise and give it a fair-ish review. Haha! But maybe. Crazier things have happened.

      • Once you get into it the premise isn’t as bizarre, because it actually means something and the whole thing says a lot about expectations in modern relationships. Plus it is insanely funny. My best movie for the year, give it a chance man! ;P You might just find yourself surprised

    • In fairness, these are all small parts I have highlighted because I suck at life and can’t seem to get a hold of more important roles he’s done haha! I’m a terrible movie blogger.

      • Dude – you’re, like, the BEST movie blogger. And you know it! 🙂 I refuse to watch anything (at home, at least) that I can’t easily get a hold of. If it’s not on Netflix or TV, forget it. I have to blog about what I can actually afford to watch. (I spend too much going to movies in the cinema as it is!)

        • Yeah i totes feel that. I just saw three movies drop at a theater like 45 mins away from me that I really want to see: ‘Brooklyn,’ ‘Trumbo,’ and ‘Spotlight.’ Fuck me. The tickets are like $12 there though so I’m probably going to have to pick and choose. Good luck to me. All three of those look fantastic. Maybe I’ll go see one of them and try and sneak into another theater to see a second one. 😉

          • Naughty naughty! 😉 It sucks how the cost of going to a movie is ridiculous. Our local cinema has a “cheap day” so that’s when we tend to go. I used to spend way too much on DVDs too – I’ve cut way back on that.

            • Hey, I’ve never actually done that yet. I’m a good boy (mostly, except on Tuesdays. Tuesdays I’m a bit of a dick.)

              That cheap day you speak of is what I’ve been taking advantage of too. Yesterday (Tuesday) is $6 movies so I usually see two for the price of what I would pay at other cinemas for just one. So I checked out Creed and The Night Before

              • Hey! Tuesday is cheap day here too! Bit of a dick Tuesday! Lol. Hmm… I’ve never even heard of those movies. How do you see all this stuff I’ve not heard of??? Any good?

                • Haha@ That’s a funny phrase. ‘Bit of a Dick Tuesday.’ Shall we make that a thing?

                  Oh man you haven’t heard of Creed? Spinoff film of the Rocky series? (In all reality it’s just Rocky VII, but yes it’s fantastic. I really enjoyed it.)

                  ‘The Night Before’ is another Seth Rogen stoner comedy, based around the Xmas season and all that. Could’ve been better but I put it somewhere between This is the End and Knocked Up in terms of its laugh-to-heartfelt-moments ratio. If you liked Rocky I’d def advise checking out Creed.

                • Ohh… Yeah! Hey – and it’s almost Bit of a Dick Tuesday again! 🙂 Ohh… Rocky…. I’ve, uh, never actually watched that. I’ve seen bits & pieces of the first one on TV over the years. But that’s it. 😦

  3. Excellent work here Tom! I thoroughly enjoyed him here. You are right, even with all the other characters and all that is going on, he remains memorable. I actually bought this on Blu-Ray about a week or two ago and I am really looking forward to checking it out again. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would!

    • Well that’s great to hear! I remember back when it first came out you weren’t rushing out to go see it. After all, this movie got a freaking ton of praise and when movies go like that it’s often hard to have it live up to such high standards. GotG has definitely grown on me more over time. I think I should get it on DVD soon. Especially for this guy right here! 😉

      • Nah, wasn’t rushed at all. I still feel that it was overhyped, but it was really fresh in comparison to the other films Marvel has been churning out. I think that is a damn fine idea!

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