JCR Factor #5

For some reason, August is already here. You know what that means? Time for a new edition of the John C. Reilly Factor — Thomas J’s latest character study. To find more related material, visit the Features menu up top and search the sub-menu Actor Profiles.

As reliable as the man always seems to be, one can’t help but notice there are certain roles of his that seem interchangeable. Today I was going to go with a different comedic role but then, while browsing images on Google I came across a particularly striking image and knew right then and there what my next focus was going to be. John C. Reilly is many things, but in the case of this edition of this feature, he’s . . . bald.

John C. Reilly as the older version of Arnie Shankman in Peter Segal’s Anger Management

Role Type: Supporting (uncredited)

Genre: Comedy

Character Profile: Dave Buznik’s childhood nemesis, that good old wedgie-giving thug known as Arnie Shankman, may be one of Reilly’s more limited roles but that doesn’t mean he’s limited in his effectiveness. As a childhood bully, Arnie grows up regretting all of his aggressive behavior and secludes himself to the woods, surrounding himself with peace and quiet and becoming deeply contemplative and meditative. That is, until Dr. Buddy Rydell pressures Dave into facing his past as another way of exorcising his angry demons. Insisting this will be for his benefit, Rydell assaults the now introspective Shankman with a tirade of insults that effectively reawaken the jerk within.

If you lose JCR, the film loses: one of the film’s better cameos. There are more memorable turns from the likes of Woody Harrelson’s transvestite prostitute Galaxia (an image I will never get out of my head), but Reilly does an admirable job handling a very brief appearance that surprisingly runs the gamut of emotions from remorse to deep-seated anger. This is one Monk you do not want to rile up.

That’s what he said: “Answer me, Buznik. Did you get it on . . . with my sister?”

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12 thoughts on “JCR Factor #5

    • Man I’d love to I just can’t seem to get a hold of it. I only have streaming service via Netflix and I don’t think it’s available as anything but DVD. Dammit

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          • I just googled it, its been remastered onto BR, I’m gonna buy it 😀

            The only element of it that isn’t good is Cameron Diaz’s role. Apparently there are fan edits that take her scenes out entirely and don’t ruin the movie’s flow at all. She is only a side character though, and isn’t terrible, just kinda unneeded


    • Haha, this might not be your bag because of the Sandler factor . . . and JCR isn’t in it for long but he is an excellent cameo, along with Woody Harrelson.

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    • Hahah, that might be because I’m choosing some of his lamer roles. I have been scouring Netflix for some of his more prominent roles but since I only have streaming right now many of those films I want to see are DVD-only and I can’t see them. That’s what I get for being so cheap!!!! 😦

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  1. I really liked JCR before he became Will Ferrell’s side-kick. I think he needs to start working on more independent films and get his place back in as a regular in PTA’s films

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    • Yeah it’d be great to see him work with a master filmmaker again, wouldn’t it? Thanks for checking this feature out Khalid!

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