Update on the Decades Blogathon

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Hey all, it is with great pleasure to announce that as of right now, every blogger who had committed themselves to the first ever Decades Blogathon has gotten their entry into Mark’s and/or my inbox (minus Eric, who took the weekend off to go stalk Maika Monroe after seeing her in It Follows half a dozen times. It’s okay, Eric. No one is blaming you. We do look forward to your review, though — so please come back in one piece!!!!).

Couple of quick announcements:

1) Yes, I did go see Mad Max this weekend. Yes, I did enjoy it (original thought, no?)

2) I got a new job starting this Monday, same exact day as this blogathon is kicking off — yikes!!! Full time hours are also going to mean that my time here is going to be rather limited, so I’d just like to apologize in advance for my very slow responses to your wonderful posts and/or comments. I will try to be on top of this stuff as much as possible.

3) Mark is the man. This whole blogathon idea stemmed from him. Be sure you give his site some love in the coming days/weeks (if you haven’t been already . . . I feel as though if you follow my page you are also following his, so this might be a redundant thing here).

4) While I did mention to some people involved in the blogathon there would be a post listing the actual order of posts, I have found that it is going to be very difficult to actually come up with a logical order. I will say this: posts will be presented on a somewhat first-come, first-serve basis. Those who got their posts in earlier will have their posts published first. The first post (Kim’s look at Lady and the Tramp) will go up on Three Rows Back, and it will be re-blogged here. And on Tuesday, the second post will make its appearance first on DSB, to be re-blogged on TRB. Etc, etc).

We both look forward to sharing everyone’s pieces and hope to hear some great commentary on them as the week(s) unfold. Thanks once again to everyone who got their stuff in! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

27 thoughts on “Update on the Decades Blogathon

    • Eh, jobs are overrated. I will literally have no time for this blog anymore! This blogathon is the only thing keeping me committed to DSB right now! 😦


      • That’s a bummer man =/ When I had a heavy January (there’s literally not a single post from that month) what brought me back was the cool people that I have met. I mean, I never thought a single person would ever read my blog. That I’ve met cool people along the way makes it even better 🙂

        I’m still jealous tho haha! I’d almost kill for a job atm, too much time on my hands, too much time to think if you know what I mean

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    • Thank you so much Ruth! Mark and I are excited to kick this off. It’s a great idea and we have some great content to share with everyone.


  1. You reviewed Mad Max?! I’ll be back when I can! My stupid lunch break is over! 😦 Oh – and a blogathon? Cool! I know nothing about that. Sorry. 😦 Not been around much!

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    • Me too Cindy, on both counts! Thanks for your participation. Either Mark or myself will notify you the day of its posting. 😀


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