The DSB Blogroll — Roll Call!

It’s been too long since I’ve switched out of writing mode and just put up a post here that actually addresses the community of which this blog (and by extension, I) have become a part over the last several years. The goal of this quick little post is simple — to say thank-you.

I want to draw your attention to one of the pages above the banner, the DSB Blogroll. It’s a section of the page I have been doing a pretty terrible job updating up until recently and I just wanted to make you all aware that your hard work on your blogs have not gone unnoticed here. I also want to doubly make sure that I have not left anyone’s work/pages/blogs/sites off that ever-expanding list. So, if you wouldn’t mind scrolling through that 160-some-odd list of blogs — a lot of which sadly have closed up shop and are no longer around, but a great many that still are and with which I am in frequent contact — and let me know if I have actually done such an egregious thing — be sure to let me know in the comments down below. If I have overlooked you, I am very sorry. 😦

Just for fun I thought it’d be cool to share a few stats here:

  • The first two blogs on the list are blogs I have been keeping up with still on a regular basis (impressive for me since I often think I have OCD and my attention span frequently wanders like a drugged-out Burning Man attendee) — thank you Mark Hobin (Fast Film Reviews) and Dan O’Neil (Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews) for the reciprocation of that blog love!!!
  • I have been blogging for almost four years now and I still haven’t hit the 400 follower mark! Hahaha. I’m not really in a hurry on that, but I find it kind of funny.
  • I once made a Twitter account in an effort to promote this blog but that turned out to be more of a cameo appearance. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back to that.
  • I have gotten into horror films chiefly because of the following blogs:
    • Head in a Vice (sadly defunct — does anyone know how to track down a certain Tyson Carter, by the way??)
    • Hard Ticket to Home Video (Brad and Brian do SO much more than horror, but still I’ve found some good stuff on there that has piqued the horror fan in me. . .or maybe it’s their horrifyingly awesome sense of humor that gets me most. . .)
    • The Cinema Monster (Joseph is a writer whom I greatly admire, and if you haven’t found him yet, please give him a few moments of your time if you don’t mind.)
    • Thy Critic Man (Louie‘s unique approach to film reviewing has often had me in stitches and is an opinion I very much trust — I love this page)
    • Rhino’s Horror (Ryan, your knowledge and coverage of the genre overwhelms me and it’s great to have you as a recent friend/follower of DSB)
    • Parlor of Horror (here is an example of a blog that really works on expanding my knowledge of what older, perhaps more classic films can and have been doing for audiences for years. I enjoy this site very much and it’s worth a look for the model kits and collectible items Mike talks about. He’s also a published horror author.)
    • Damian Thomas Films Etc (a BRAND new blog to this reviewer, but a solid one for those looking for reviews of things that are likely to turn your stomach — I will build up a tolerance for hardcore filmmaking here!)
  • Time and again I’ll visit the following pages for their sense of community and diverse ways of posting and sharing/spreading the movie love:
    • Cinema Parrot Disco (Table 9 Mutant, or Mutey, as I like to call her. . . has a wonderful set-up here and I would encourage any who haven’t heard of this page yet to open their eyes already and go scope it out)
    • Fog’s Movie Reviews (I have to bring it up, even though this site tragically went down due to Daniel Fogarty‘s increasing work responsibilities — this was a CLASSIC site. I think it’s still available to browse)
    • Film Hipster (for the very same reasons I honor the great FMR, this might be the first blog I ever stumbled upon in 2011 . . . too bad it isn’t up and running anymore, I miss it dearly)
    • Tim’s Film Reviews (Tim, please keep up your great work! If you don’t know what I’m referring to here, then go ahead and look up that blog. You won’t be sorry.)
    • Screenkicker! (Holy crap, Mikey Boyd has a wonderful little site dedicated to some of the funniest opinions I’ll read in a day. He talks all things movie-related and it’s terrific.)
    • The Focused Filmographer (Terrence Faulkner has a great site that isn’t quite as active now but with any luck his interactive and diverse site will capture those who haven’t found out about it yet via the DSB Blogroll)
    • Isaacs Picture Conclusions (Eric Isaacs has become a great friend of DSB and I’m not sure if I need to explain this blog to anyone. I will say this, though: it’s up there with some of my favorites ever.)
    • The Verbal Spew Review (V has had a triumphant return to the blogosphere and I couldn’t be more happy — this is a quality site)
    • Flixchatter (Ruth Maramis is a consummate professional blogger and a community builder to boot. Not to mention, her guest review posts are just as good as the reviews she writes herself.)
    • Guys Film Quest (No shortage of great movie reviews and community-engaging posts here on Rob Belote‘s page. Unfortunately I am nowhere NEAR as active a participant in this site as I ought to be. I smell a new goal-setting agenda. . .)
    • Silver Screen Serenade (Cara, do I need to write about your site? Me and you be homies! But for whatever reason if one finds one’s self out of the loop, this is a great place for witty, informational and very diverse approaches to film reviewing. One of my favorites for sure.)
    • MovieRob (Rob has a tremendous amount of self-penned reviews that are short and sweet but in that way, incredibly digestible, and he has a wide variety of options for bloggers to get in on the action — great page!)
    • Drew’s Movie Reviews (a neat site that has a variety of very interesting features and a style of writing I find easy to get into and become excited about. Keep up the great work Drew!)
    • What About the Twinkie? (this is an example of me not doing my blogging homework. I have read a very select few of the posts featured here, but I love what Kieron is doing here. Can’t wait to get into it more.)
    • The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger (I’m not sure if you can find a cooler movie reviewer than Zoe from South Africa. Her site is a perfect mixture of film, book and other entertainment reviews. Her writing style is fluid and conversational; her knowledge of film and books goes unquestioned. I. Dig. This. Site. And she’s another long-time friend of yours truly!)
  • Writing/blogging styles I truly envy/secretly copy in my own reviews (but they would never have known that until I admit it here):
    • Marked Movies (Informative, educational, eclectic, and open to many viewpoints, I love Mr. Walker‘s approach to film. And his Scottish accent.)
    • Rorschach Reviews (It hasn’t been in service for sometime now but I always respected Andy’s calm approach to film reviewing, it was nice to read and I miss it)
    • Cinematic (A site I regret for neglecting for weeks at a time, this is the product of a knowledgeable writer whose style and capacity for movie insight I wish I had, and hopefully will have some day.)
    • Committed to Celluloid (Few people write with the skill, precision and passion as Fernando does on his wonderfully visual and intellectually stimulating C2C. Please give this a go if you haven’t tried it out yet.)
    • Three Rows Back (Mark Fletcher is the go-to-reviewer for a diverse collection of movie reviews and is a DSB favorite, no doubt about it. Love this page and its extremely approachable, respectful tone.)
    • Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop (Chris is just one of those writers I want to be when I grow up. Oh wait, too late. I’m already grown up. He’s still one of those writers I want to be.)
    • Beer Movie (originally known throughout the blogosphere as Not Now I’m Drinking a Beer and Watching a Movie — a classic blog title I will say — Tim’s site is set up for the avid film critique reader and it’s a calculated effort that I respect very much. Plus he’s an Aussie film blogger. I know far too few of those.)
    • Epileptic Moondancer (Speaking of the Aussie representation, Jordan has an incredibly awesome blog title that puts DSB to shame and his style of writing is not only one to trust but is in competition with this site in terms of emotional highs and lows and is always an enjoyable time.)
    • Keith and the Movies (This DSB favorite has one of the most incredible talents I’ve seen — being fair and balanced, time and again, across a wide expanse of genre reviews. I adore this page and hope more of you can access it through this blogroll.)
    • 3 Guys 1 Movie (I wish this site was still going — and hey, Adam if you’re reading this maybe it will be??? — as it features one of the coolest approaches to film blogging I’ve come across)
    • Jordan and Eddie (another Australian film blog, a duo whose collective opinion is both funny and informative at the same time — a combination that is hard to come by. Check them out.)
    • Baked Movie Reviews (God, this site is great. I haven’t seen a post here in awhile but I’m hoping that’s only temporary.)
    • My Kind of Movie (Lauren has a wonderful site that has an extremely approachable and conversation-oriented style of reviewing that is as straightforward as it is creative. A longtime friend of DSB to be sure.)
    • Fast Film Reviews (San Francisco-based Mark Hobin is one writer I really trust and is one of the first blogs I turn to whenever I get out of a movie to see if we agree/disagree on something. It’s an astoundingly well-written site and one of the first followers of this page.)
    • Films and Coke (Elina is an absolutely hilarious writer whose style I want to secretly steal and never credit her for it. . . just kidding. If you’re reading this. But seriously, keep on keeping on. Love your site.)
    • Mr. Rumsey’s Film Related Musings (James Walpole, not only responsible for one of film blogging’s coolest features ever — the ‘Who’s That?’ feature — is also behind one of the more matured writing styles I’ve stumbled upon and is a go-to site for me.)
    • JJames Reviews (I keep hoping in my heart that this site some day makes a return because I truly loved Josh James‘ style of writing/blogging. He’s talented and intelligent. A rare mix. Plus his blog format was really cool.)
    • Sidekick Reviews (Eddie just has that laid-back approach I envy in blogging. It’s difficult for me to reach that and I often look to his reviews and features for tips on how to get better at it.)
    • Cinema or Cine-meh? (I totally dig Logan’s site because it’s persuasive and well-written. He has a rigorous rating scale that I would like to have nailed down by now, but I can’t help but think I’m too soft in my ratings. A good site to check out if you haven’t already.)
    • Consumed by Film (Adam‘s spectacularly written rhetoric is a form of writing I must have in my daily/weekly readings. For a fair and balanced review, you can always rely on this site.)
    • Popcorn Nights (Run by Stu out of England this is a relatively recent discovery for me and is a wonderfully written site with in-depth film analysis that covers a very diverse range of titles. Give it a look-see, if you are a fan of this page I’m sure you’ll like what you find there too.)
    • All Eyes on Screen (Kristen has stepped away for a moment from her amazing site but it’s one that has a great selection of features and a very friendly and approachable style of writing that’s right up my alley. Plus her rating system is really damn cool too.)
    • CC Pop Culture (Okay so maybe I know a few Australian film bloggers because here’s another high quality one out of the land Down Under. Dave’s site features a highly engaging writing style that makes room for both mainstream and obscure indie releases alike. Cheers to him.)
    • The Cinematic Katzenjammer (This is one hell of a film-centric website, and Nick Powell is the man in charge. Visit this site for your one-stop film news, trailer releases and an assortment of other exciting tidbits of information. A site I very much respect.)
  • And lastly but never least. . . ly. . . . here are ten of my most recent blogging friends. I’d like to issue them a warm welcome to theDSB Blogroll!
    • The Aspiring Film Critic!
    • emmakwall (explains it all)
    • Literary Vittles
    • Lights Camera It’s Alex
    • Life of this City Girl
    • Benefits of a Classical Education
    • Cinema Enthusiast
    • The Popcorn Bandit
    • Thoughtful Tomes
    • Em Everywhere

115 thoughts on “The DSB Blogroll — Roll Call!

  1. Hey Tom. Thanks for the mention here. Glad to be right up the top where I belong. Just thought I’d stop by also to say I’m alive and back writing again, hope to see you swing by. Lost all my followers so having to do the dirty work and track you all down! Hope you’re well 🙂

    • Oh. My. God. HE LIVES!!!!! Great to hear from you Tyson. That’s exciting to say the least that we’ll be seeing more of you around here. I am glad you found this post too, I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response to this thing. Cheers man. Talk soon.

      • Haha cheers dude. Made my first post so slowly getting back out there.

        It’s a great thing you’ve done here, no wonder you got an amazing response. Congrats Tom 🙂

        • Thanks so much.

          Oh man I’ve just opened up the blog and now it’s working. Was having some trouble earlier getting it to work, but I was on my phone so maybe that was the issue. It’s great to see new content man. Welcome back old friend.

    • You absolutely belong on it Anna. I think your site is fantastic. I’m always behind on your new stuff but always enjoy catching up!

  2. I’m so late to this party! Much love to you Tom and to DSB, one of the first blogs I followed with a serious interest upon my arrival to WP. Thanks so much for reaching out to me back then, DSB opened up a whole new world of blogs and community to me, and for that, I’m so appreciative.

    • I am honored to be one of the first doorways for you V, that’s really exciting to hear. Erm, well. . . read. Lol!

      Being a part of this blogging community has really motivated me to continue for almost 4 years now. I can’t believe it’ll be 4 this July. How time flies. And I’m glad to see you have made a return — I know there will be some day soon I’ll have to step away — either permanently or for a good long stretch. Job security and all that isn’t too great right now so there’s always something that’s going to have to trump this at some point. Kinda makes me sad. 😦

      • Four years! Oh man, time really does fly. That’s an amazing achievement though. To keep DSB running, up to date, of a very high standard and accessible to the rest of our community takes a lot of work and effort, and to do that for four years, well, it’s more than impressive.

        I most certainly feel you on the job front. I’ve always said that running a regular blog in itself is a full time job, and I know how difficult it is to keep that up in conjunction with everything else going on in your life. I’d hate to see you go on a break, but I understand the need. Sometimes other priorities dictate that we step away for a time, but the lure of writing usually draws us back in. It will with you, I’m sure, if you ever have to step back. And if it doesn’t, I’ll just find you and drag you back kicking and screaming. ;D

  3. Thanks for the love man. Very much appreciated. I miss the old blog name, but it was a pain in the arse to give to people when they asked what my site was called (so long, especially back when there was a .wordpress on the end).

    Hope you’re well brother.

    • Cheers dude. Yeah I can imagine the difficulty keeping up the repeating of such a long title. It was unique but I think it also serves well as your site’s tagline. It’s a quality site and one I love coming back to time and again. Tip one back for me man!

  4. HOLY SHIIIT, you are the sweetest!!! I can’t begin to describe the enormous wide-ass smile that won’t go from my face after reading this. I am a horrible blogger with my months-long random absences and sporadic blog reading and commenting, I’m so so glad you’ve liked my posts!! Omg. Really. You are the best (and I honestly love your blog too!) I recognise so many of these blogs and you’ve chosen really well because they’re all amazing! muuuch much love to you, Tom!

    • Hahha! Very much deserved, I think. You’ve got a great little blog and hey you can only post when you feel like it’s right. Or when schedules allow, of course! 😉 It’s always been amazing to me how I’ve been able to put off other things on such a consistent basis to make time for this blog hahaha. I’ll probably end up paying for that some day but for now I’m having so much fun. Thank you for your kind words as well and I hope to see some new stuff from ya at some point. Keep up the great work.

    • Here, here Alex! Thanks for swinging on by. You of course know how much I enjoy popping in on your page as well. I really enjoy the diversity of your content and the frequency of how you post. There is indeed too many blogs to name just in film blogging alone, so this shouldn’t be considered a catch-all kind of post st all. Haha.

  5. Some great choices here, and something I should get back into as well. When time is more limited, it’s easier to focus on producing content rather than sharing and reading content. Kudos!

    • Hey Bubba! Yeah I’ve been meaning to drop by your site for awhile as well. You’ve got wonderful things going on over at FT&MN. Thanks so much for stopping in here and saying hey. Really appreciate it. Happy blogging!

    • Heh there Natasha, I very much appreciate that. I look forward to getting to know you and your site better as well. 🙂

  6. That was great, Tom – there are a few blogs listed that I haven’t seen before so I’ll investigate further, and thanks very much for the kind words – much appreciated. It’s a pleasure to drop in here! Fogs and FilmHipster were two of the first sites I came across when I started blogging – I used to enjoy dropping by those two but hopefully one day they’ll come back and it’d be great if Josh had more time to return. That’s life I guess!

    • Certainly. It’s been an experience in and of itself watching some blogs grow and others close down. I’ve been fortunate enough to stick around for awhile but I know this won’t always be the case. I think it’s just been great getting to know so many like-minded people doing this. It’s been great reading your reviews man. expect me to wlswing by in a while man, I know I’ve been neglecting Popcorn Nights lately haha.

  7. Reblogged this on vinnieh and commented:
    Thanks Tom for featuring me on this list and the kind words. Anyone who hasn’t checked out Tom’s blog, please do as you won’t regret it.

  8. Thanks so much for the shout out and for the recognition, Tom! I truly appreciate it, man. Life has been so busy on my end that I only have a small window every month to catch up with everyone out there in the blogger-verse. Your movie page has consistently been a smart, precise, significant and very insightful place to indulge in some very astute and kick ass reviews.

    I have told you a few times in the past how much I like your writing style (even though you claim you borrow a bit from others but that is nothing to be ashamed of) and with every review, you manage to stimulate that cinematic grey matter we all carry in our noggins. It is a unique and singular style that is quite uniquely yours, bro, and I even enjoy your work when you help out other bloggers like my neighbor to the north (literally, since he lives in Toronto and I live in Rochester), Louie over at Thy Critic Man.

    That being said, my man, keep it up and always have fun and enjoy what you do. When it starts to feel like a chore instead of a passion, to write, then it’s time to chill and step back and re-evaluate. Have fun and giving your readers something to debate, discuss and compare are the best things you can deliver with your mighty blog. I am very honored and deeply appreciative to be added to your DSB Blog Roll! Many many thanks Hermano 🙂

    • You’ve given me so much to think about Vic, thank you very much for your kind words and reflection on what I do. It’s been a real treat being able to deliver reviews to everyone here, especially considering that for the first several months of blogging (before I took an ~ year off for reasons unknown now) I felt like this page would just be a way to put some of my own thoughts on what I had seen into writing that pretty much no one would see. I didn’t have the faintest idea it’d give me a community. That it’d provide me actual friendships.

      You’re someone who I’d like to meet some time and go see a flick with. Too bad we all are so far apart from each other!!! (Maybe you and Louie could meet up sometime though!)

      But I guess I can’t rule out those possibilities completely. I know Fernando (of Committed to Celluloid) and Ruth (from Flixchatter) had met once upon a time and thought that was very cool. The movie blogging thing has been a passion of mine that’s honestly grown stronger over time, even though deep down I know this won’t be a thing I can uphold forever. The ultimate goal of DSB is to land me a writing gig somewhere, either online writing a column or contributing to film festivals (my dream would be to work Sundance some day!), so with that in mind I guess one day the lights will have to go out on this blog. But I’m not thinking that’s going to happen terribly soon. When it does I’ll be sure to let everyone know about it and make some sort of similar post.

      You make sure you keep up the good work yourself Vic. The greatest challenge is balancing out practical responsibilities with the things you enjoy doing in your spare time. With a family and mortgages and all that (things I do not have currently but am not opposed to taking on in the near future) obviously things won’t work out all the time. I respect those who can balance that. That’s the definition of success in my mind.

      • Now YOU have given ME much to reflect on and think about, Tom. Balancing all of my responsibilities as a Dad, Hubby, homeowner and doing side projects with my writing and photography is a major juggling feat, man. But, when I need to unwind, communicate, converse and absorb, then I turn to my blog and others for that fix. Even if it is a filler post or a retrospective on a film or review, it all makes me feel good to share what I am feeling at the moment. What is better, imo, is when others, like yourself, take the time to respond, like and even encourage me to keep indulging in my love for film and my love for discussing all aspects of the medium. That is why a smart dude like yourself is good at what you do. You listen and take it all in just as good as you put pen to paper (figuratively) and supply us with your inner passions, opinions and perspectives. Keep it up Senor Tom!

  9. Thank you, Tom! Good to know I haven’t been forgotten!

    Someday I hope to get back to the blog, but once I started working again, I found my ability to feed my movie obsession terribly limited. Seemed more important that I be a good 1. father; 2. husband; 3. teacher; 4. friend than that I be a good 5. movie lover or 6. Blogger. And so I have all but cut out movies from my world.

    Since summer, I have seen a total of 7 movies, on a very sporadic schedule. (1. Lucy; 2. The Judge; 3. Wish I was Here; 4. The Giver; 5. Nightcrawler; 6. Into the Woods and 7. Mockingjay). And with seeing so few flicks, I find getting to the blog even more sporadic.

    That’s a long winded explanation, but brevity has never been one of my strengths. 😃

    How has your life/movie experience been treating you?

    • Wonderful to hear from you Josh! 😀

      I empathize completely and respect your decision to step away for awhile. Life throws big changes at us all the time. I’m surprised (maybe ‘stubborn’ is a better word for it) I’ve been at it for this long, it’ll be 4 years this summer for DSB.

      I hope your new job and everything has been great and it must be nice being able to focus that much more time on your family. That’s definitely important. As for me, this blog has been going great. I just love it. This year’s slate of films has got me beyond excited (the new Jurassic Park; new James Bond; new Ron Howard epic; plus a bunch of very hyped indie releases coming out of Sundance, just to name a few) and my intro to some new pages has kept the spirits high. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this going for another little while. At least so I can make another end-of-year post. Cheers man, and best of luck in your endeavors away from the blogosphere. 😀

        • There is always something going on man, it’d be great to have you back, but of course no pressure at all. If a return shall be made, it should be done all on your own terms! 🙂

  10. Wow, a lot of blogs to check out that I haven’t come across yet here, great post mate. The more blogs I find the more I enjoy writing! Its great to find so many different writing styles. And thanks so much for the kind words! 🙂 Much appreciated dude. Cheers

    • When I first thought to post this I didn’t even stop to consider how many introductions I’d be making for my readers. I keep forgetting that just b/c all these blogs appear in MY list doesn’t mean they’re all in everyone else’s. One of the real treats of blogging is being able to meet new people and get familiar with different approaches to film reviewing/blogging. Some people are much more on the critical end, a lot of others are on the conversational/personal experiential side of things. So that’s been one real nice benefit of making this post.

      I’m happy to have you here man, you’ve got a great blog and I hope you keep it up! Chug one for me buddy.

  11. Sorry dude. I never noticed the link. Good thing I decided to randomly stop by.

    Glad you enjoy my approach duder. I enjoy your pie as well (don’t think dirty, please).

    • You can’t give me a sexy line like that and then tell me not to have dirty thoughts. . . you just can’t!!!

      Hahah. Thanks for coming along for the ride man, it’s been great so far. I can appreciate you taking a bit of a step back from the hard pace for awhile, but it’s always a pleasure seeing a new post in my feed pop up from your site. Long may it continue!

  12. Aww Tom! You are the sweetest, dude! Thank you so much for the kind words. What a great post!!! I’m familiar with a lot of these folks, of course, but I’m definitely gonna have to go track the rest down and make some new friends. 🙂

    • You and your blog deserve it Cara, it’s a great place to turn to. I feel a teensy bit embarrassed I haven’t made this Shout-Out post yet; I see them everywhere and finally I figured it would be good to do one here.

      I’m glad to be able to introduce you to some new blogging friends. That’s always nice to know. 😀

  13. Your kind words are great appreciated Tom! Apologies for not stopping by over the past few weeks – had a whole host of internet issues and uni work – but I’ll be back for a catch up in the coming days! Woo!


    • Life gets in the way man, it’s perfectly understandable. I always know you’re going to be back sooner or later. You can’t resist. 😉

      No but for real. I will always look forward to new material on your site. It’s quality and I’m very glad to be able to have it close at hand. Keep up the great work Adam.

  14. An incredibly nice thing to say Tom, thank you so much man. I know I’m not around as much as I was but I do consider yours one of my go-to blogs when I have the time. Keep up the good work man, you got something good here!

    • Man that’s an inspiring comment. I appreciate it. We all have to take a step back from this at some point; I’m utterly shocked I haven’t taken a “break” truly yet. I know some day it will happen but there’s just so much motivational juice flowing right now, can’t stop. I look forward to reading more stuff over at your corner whenever you have the time to post. Cheers.

  15. Thank you for the shout out, Tom! I’m glad you are enjoying my site. Now I feel like I’ve been neglecting your corner, especially with your MWL participation. 😦 I’ll try to change that. Thanks again and keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Haha, oh no there’s no need to feel guilty man, I’ve done that to so many sites here — I think it’s what partly made me want to make this post. It reminds me of the things I have been neglecting and hopefully makes other bloggers aware of one another who didn’t know were there before.

      You do the same man, I’ll be on by to read some more shortly.

  16. “Few people write with the skill, precision and passion as Fernando does on his wonderfully visual and intellectually stimulating C2C. Please give this a go if you haven’t tried it out yet”

    WOW! Are you sure you’re talking about me and my blog?

    Thanks a lot, Tom! It’s an honor to be in your blogroll and you know (and if you don’t, I’m telling you now) the DSB is one of my absolute faves!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the kind words.

  17. Ah Tom, that’s a truly lovely thing to read. Thank you for those kind words; you’ve made my day! I’ve said this before but it doesn’t hurt saying again that DSB is right up there in terms of the blogs I most respect and look forward to reading. We both have similar viewpoints and share many of the same tastes – long may it continue sir! I also applaud all of the blogs on this list; each one adds to a thriving community of like-minded film lovers.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself my friend. Yeah it’s wonderful getting deep into this and discovering not only how many different points of views there are on films (the same films, no less!) but that there are people out there that see things virtually eye-to-eye on many things. It’s been a blast getting to know everyone here man but TRB is def a fan favorite here! 🙂

      Glad we found one another’s pages!

    • Sexy, eh??! Uh-oh! Lol! Cheers Damian, I really am glad to have found your site. Your writing’s great and hilarious. Plus I have no idea how I have not seen some of these films you speak of. Time to get downloading!!! I think Tumbling Doll of Flesh is high up on the list. That one sounds just. . . .ridiculous. But in a good way.

      • Words like these make it all worthwhile. I bloody love your site and I thought your Sextape review was a real contender (it was one of my votes) and this blogroll is inspirational. I’m not even halfway to 400 followers yet by the way.

        I can’t recommend Tumbling Doll of Flesh highly enough, I’m sure it’s on some dodgy website somewhere, you’ll love it!

        • *glass clink* Cheers Damian. ‘Sextape’ was a hell of a lot of fun to write haha. And one of the great things about Shitfest was finding blogs like yours. I’ll be on by in a bit to see what else is new there.

    • Hey hey man! Thanks kindly for that, hahah. Perhaps I’ll give myself a pat on the back for sticking around for so long. But it’s great sites other than mine that have helped me more than anything. I enjoy your video edits and your insightful reviews — I’m gonna try and make more of an effort to be around more often there dude.

  18. Hey thanks Tom! What an honor to be featured here, appreciate the kind words! Hey your blog has always been an inspiration to me, you’ve put out great content and your posts always look so well put-together! Cheers mate!

    • 😀 Thank you very much for saying that Ruth. I always try to keep things looking at least decent here, it takes some work and that’s nice to be recognized for those efforts. Which is why this post is so rewarding for me — it’s high time I give back to everyone else who has helped inspire me to keep going with this. It’s been a pleasure getting more familiar with you and your site Ruth. Here’s to the future!!!

  19. 😀 Why thank you for your super kind words Tom! I feel like a superstar today 😛 This was a really interesting post, loved it, and entertaining to see what you had to say everywhere!

    • The kind words come naturally when speaking about your awesome site Zoe. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the years and I’m very excited to be able to introduce you and others to sites and people you may not have known about before. Such a great reward of doing this.

    • Thanks very much Mark. It’s been a great time, and here’s to hoping many more years of it. I just saw Song of the Sea go up on your page. Be on by in a bit to check that out.

    • Yeah — you’re right. TRhat’s why I put Brad’s name before yours. 😉

      Hahah!!! Thanks as always for your comments man. It’s a day-brightener.

  20. Aw man! You hit me deep with your very kind sentiments, man! But wait a minute, you’ve been copying my stuff?… I’ve been copying yours!… Now I’m confused!! 😉

    • I’m filing a lawsuit. No but seriously, it’s an honor having you stick with me for so long buddy. It’s been such a fun experience with you guys.

      I think the whole BOAT drinks thing btwn you and IPC was how I stumbled upon you and I haven’t looked back! Cheers to more great times!

    • Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah! No worries man, keep up the great work dude. Always a pleasure seeing a new post over there. And Shitfest is a blogathon that needs no compliments. It sort of speaks for itself! 🙂

    • Cindy I can’t believe I didn’t highlight your page here. Ughh!!! I knew there were going to be a few that I was missing. Yours is definitely a stand-out too. Thank you so much for your support and your quality work. It’s most definitely one of the most in-depth sites I’ve stumbled upon in the years I’ve been here. Thank you for your kind words

        • As am I. I did mean to include as many blogs I frequent as possible but seemingly I left some out. Either way — I’m glad you’ve come across this post. And my humbled little space in the blogosphere. 🙂

  21. Awww! Tom! *hug* *cuddle* *peck on cheek* 🙂 Thanks for the mention! And this is a great post as there are a few names here that I don’t know – I’ll go check them out! You’ve reminded me that I desperately need to update my Blogs I Follow page – it’s so out of date! But you were one of the first ones on it. You should have thousands of followers! I love your blog. 🙂

    • Teehee! You should always know you have a spot here on DSB. I’m really surprised it’s taken me this long to get around to doing a post like this, I’m really happy I can introduce folks to other sites and all that. Sharing IS caring!!!!!!! 😉

      Yeah, we go way back. It’s really cool both sites are still around. I’ve learned that it takes quite some effort to keep these blogs up and running. So I’m happy you’ve stuck around as well. Cheers!!

    • Vinnie it’s always a pleasure reading through your blog. Really dug the 007 kick you went on recently. It’s inspired me to go back and watch a few oldies.

      • Thank you very much Tom, I really appreciate your positive feedback. At the minute, my Ladies posts are proving popular, you should give them a look and feel free to drop a comment.

        • Ah yeah I had seen that pop up in my feed recently. Blast this poor connection to the internet I have recently. It’s been putting such a strain on my ability to keep up with everything. Part of the reason I felt this post was necessary. I’ll be on by in a bit man.

            • It’s been getting the better of me buddy! It really has haha. So I try and shoot a comment here and there when I can. Most of the time now I take advantage of he time I have to put up a new review.

  22. Hello Tom, hope all is going well with you! Thanks for the shout out! Funny, I secretly wish I could write like you. 😀 Always a pleasure whenever I stop by your blog and I’ll be sure to discover others on your list that I have missed out on. Cheers!

    • Hi Eddie, yeah I figured it was about time I did something like this. Your blog is a great corner of the blogosphere for me and I hope I can introduce you to some new readers. Cheers man. Hope all is well over there

  23. Thanks for the mention man, appreciate it greatly! A lot of talent on this page, looking forward to digging through some of these! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Absolutely man, it’s great to know I can introduce new blogs to others. There’s so much good shit out there, there really is.

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