The John C. Reilly Factor — a new feature coming soon!

Better late than never to make good on my promise to supplement last year’s Franco Files, right? Well, several months into this new year and I finally have settled on the idea. This new feature is literally sprung from my recent watch of another Paul Thomas Anderson “masterpiece,” a little film some might know as Magnolia. In it blossoms one of the greatest performances I’ve seen from someone I’ve really come to admire over the years as one of the more versatile and all-around likable actors working today. It inspired me to take the magnifying glass to this actor and take note of how films are impacted by his presence.

The goal is to hopefully unify each entry within this extended thread by examining several major elements, such as the actor’s style, his range within the character, how the writing elevates his work (or at times lets it down), and how the film might have played out differently should another actor have been cast in the role. I might take some different avenues every now and then depending on the film/role but this essentially will play out much like the format of The Franco Files (and if you have missed what those posts were all about, feel free to browse the menu titled ‘The Franco Files’ located above the blog’s banner), we have a feature revolving around this single actor in what will hopefully become a diverse list of films he’s had a part in.

I’m hoping to kick this off sometime this month. Life is a bit hectic at the moment and I haven’t been able to give even my own site the attention I want. This also hopefully explains my awful procrastination in making the rounds on all the other great blogs out there. I do apologize for my lack of input, but hopefully the times will once again change.

And if anyone’s curious as to how I came up with the name of this new feature, I’ve kind of taken the liberty to parody the pundit everyone loves to hate the most, good old Bill O’Reilly (his show is known as The O’Reilly Factor). The major difference will hopefully be our political views, as both of us are, probably to a great many, overbearingly opinionated ogres. 😉 At any rate, I do hope this new feature is met with the same great response TFF did — I had a lot of fun putting that together and with a bit of luck maybe this will be a success too. Stay tuned.


22 thoughts on “The John C. Reilly Factor — a new feature coming soon!

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    • He does, doesn’t he? I can’t wait to get into this. I think it’s going to be April before it gets started, but still will be something fun to do.

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    • Awesome man, great to get people excited about it. He really is a great one, it surprises me I took this long to figure out something to do involving his talents.

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  2. Cool idea Tom. I guess you’re making all the posts, like this isn’t a blogathon? I’m interested to hear your views, I think he is a fantastic actor but I’m not a big fan of some of the comedy he has done. Gangs of New York though… Damn he nailed that


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