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So I’m a bit late on re-blogging this one, but here’s my latest contribution to MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur. It’s a review of a coming-of-age film that I’m pretty sure no one saw, The Kings of Summer. Take a look!


For this month’s first entry for Genre Grandeur February – Coming of Age movie’s, here’s a review of The Kings of Summer (2013) by Tom of Digital Shortbread.

Thanks again to Justine of Justine’s movie blog for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s Genre, chosen by  Anna of Film Grimoire will be Latin Director movies. To participate, send me your review to by 25th Mar.  Thanks to Anna for a great and diverse choice.

Let’s see what Tom thought of this movie:



Number of times seen: 1 (June, 2013)

Brief Synopsis: Three teenage friends, in the ultimate act of independence, decide to spend their summer building a house in the woods and living off the land.

My take on it: Three boys spend their summer bushwhacking into some woods to build their own summerhouse made from scraps and 2X4’s. They also learn to hunt, explore new places…

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7 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – The Kings of Summer (2013) – Digital Shortbread

  1. Great pick Tom! I actually saw this one in a local film festival in town and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hilarious and also has some genuinely emotional moments. I love Nick Offerman too and that wonton scene was a hoot!

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    • Ooh, seeing this kind of film in a film fest environment woulda really excited me! May have even led to me giving it higher marks. I love the buzz surrounding indie films. Which is why I want to try and do my best to get out to Sundance at some point. Yah, Kings of Summer may not be a big movie with grand plans or anything but it certainly has its place and is noted for its fine performances all around.


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