The Franco Files #11


Welcome to December, and the 11th and final installment of the 2013 run of The Franco Files.Sniffles. It’s really real now you guys. Last post I may have prematurely started the countdown but now it’s. . .well it’s all over but the crying. Fortunately. . .I already have something in the works for the New Year.

For this last edition I’d like to do things a little bit differently. Rather than looking back on yet another role from his past, let’s take a look into the very near future and make some (un)educated guesses about what he’ll be contributing to upcoming political satire The Interview, set to release Christmas Day. It will once again reunite Franco with his old buddy Seth Rogen and for now at least appears to be set up to be another potential hit in the same vein as Pineapple Express and This is the End.. This might be fun trying to speculate just what he’ll be doing and then actually see the movie — only to find out how wrong I was here. (Or, you know. . .how right I was.)

(I will also include a list of every Franco File I’ve posted in case the other links are hard to find. . .which they shouldn’t be, but sometimes these little lists are just easier. I hope you have enjoyed this feature. To the future!)

James Franco

Francophile #11: Dave Skylark, The Interview

Role Type: Lead

Genre: Comedy

Character Profile: Dave is the host of his own celebrity talk show, Skylark Tonight, a production overseen by his good friend Aaron Rapoport (Rogen). Now then, given the controversy already being kicked up by this movie — from North Korean leaders’ point of view this movie is poised to “make a mockery” of their militaristic methods and dictator, Kim Jong-Un — it would stand to reason Franco’s character is going to embody a lot of the ignorance foreign leaders often view Americans as having. I am just spitballing here, but here’s a character that very well could make us (me?) cringe at the lack of social/political etiquette a person in this position ought to have.

If you lose Franco, the film loses: any hope for keeping the peace! (Why do I think Franco is going to be the only thing Kim Jong-Un and his cronies are going to take a shine to?)

Out of Character: “[on the Sony hacks — the ones that Kim Jong-Un wishes he had actually been behind] All the girls who got any Instagram messages from me this year, or last year — the hackers did it! It was the hackers!”

SPECULATE the Performance (relative to his other work): 



  1. Aron Ralston, 127 Hours
  2. Saul Silver, Pineapple Express
  3. Alien, Spring Breakers
  4. James Franco, This is the End
  5. Harry Osborn, Spiderman trilogy
  6. Oscar Diggs/Oz, Oz, the Great and Powerful
  7. Mr. B, Palo Alto
  8. Marty Freeman, The Iceman
  9. Will Rodman, Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  10. Mr. B, Palo Alto (yay for glaring editing errors! I seriously haven’t noticed there were two of these until just now. . .wow)
  11. Dave Skylark, The Interview 

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19 thoughts on “The Franco Files #11

    • I know, right?! I must come up with something to replace it/him! 😦 I am still coming up short on ideas. The Cumberbatch Cases could very well happen. We’ll just have to wait and see! 😉

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        • Omg!!!! This……just. this. Wow. 😊 So many good ideas here. The DiCaprio Documents has just literally sparked the new concept: Dissecting DiCaprio. Its on. It’s officially on, like Donkey Kong. I’ll be sure to mention you when this thread starts up, thanks so much!

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          • Ooooh Dissecting DiCaprio!! LOVE it!! 😀 Can’t wait to see!! I’m thrilled that one of my weird obsessions could be of use, actually…hahaha.


  1. It’s hard to rate an actor on a role – but I have to say the Interview has me at my least favorite role of his. It felt off and fake – and looked more like Dave Franco than James


  2. Nah. It is much higher than a 5/8. My girlfriend works for Sony, so I got to see The Interview and The Wedding Ringer months before their releases. James Franco is a charismatic beast in this one. Actually, I’d go as far as saying it is my favorite performance of his.

    Oh, and I loved the movie. Can’t review it until the 17th though.

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      • Damn, Chappie does look great. Will be interesting to see how that sits between Blomkamp’s amazing District 9 and his less-impressive Elysium

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        • I actually enjoyed Elysium for what it was.

          She said the character Chappie is amazing. But that the rest of the characters were tough to care about. I hope that I disagree!


          • Damn dude do you have any idea how fortunate you are to have been able to see The Interview?? It looks like no one else is gonna!!!! (For now . . . at least) 😦 😦

            This stupid Sony hacking thing is going to go down as one of the saddest developments in the last 20 or 30 years in Hollywood. This is crazy

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    • Oh that is awesome news man! I can’t wait. I think I dropped the score low just so I ensured I wiukdnt disappoint myself.


    • Here here, friend. Thanks for sticking with me through TFF series. It’s been a great time hasn’t it? 🙂

      I can’t wait to see how Franco’s career burgeons from here (I don’t see him really being in any shortage of roles in 2015 personally), as well as I can’t wait to figure out what happens next in this ongoing series.


    • Oooh, the Mikey Boyd Files, eh? That’d be a mighty fine suggestion.

      As for The Interview, yeah I’m with you. I’m hoping it’ll be up there with the likes of Pineapple Express and This is the End. It could completely fall apart, I suppose, but I have this good feeling this is going to be a laugh riot.


    • Cheers Kristen! Yep, sad to see the feature go but this means on to newer and maybe bigger things! 😀 Glad you’ve come by to check some of these out, hope you see Franco in this next movie! Should be fun. 🙂

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