TBT: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

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OooOooOOOoooOOoooOo the chills are running down my spine as we enter into October for the. . . second time on TBT. I’ve got the chills because of the films I know I have to watch and/or review in the coming month; I’ve got the chills because I’m not looking forward to days in my car without heating when it gets cold. I’ve got the chills because horror films are, aside from religious films, probably my least favorite genre. But I’m always up for a challenge and will happily sit through four new films this year once again for a Halloween-themed month of throwbacks! 

Today’s food for thought: The Hills Have Eyes. 


Scaring the hill out of tourists since: March 10, 2006


Okay, so maybe there are worse things to fear than the state of the nearest gas pump you come across when breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Carnivorous bastards, for one.

The relatively recent remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes, the story of a most unfortunate family who are left to fend for themselves against monstrous hill-dwelling creatures after being tricked into taking a “short cut” and subsequently stranded, will forever be remembered by this reviewer for its excruciatingly brutal trailer-invasion scene. Ick ick ick ick ick ICK!

French director Alexandre Aja (who will be helming the forthcoming Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe) set his sights on making his film a brutal and gruesome one. Between the grotesque appearance of the cannibalistic beasts — ostensibly humans with a bad case of nuclear mutation, in this case — the savage attack sequences and the desolate wasteland upon which Aja has set his pawns, I. . . uh, yeah. . . the guy succeeded.

The stockpile of victims here is the Carter family (same as in original version), spearheaded by Bob and Ethel, who are on their way across the country celebrating their anniversary. It might go without saying for the uninitiated that the characters aren’t bred to be much more than sitting ducks, awaiting their grisly fate at the hands of these sadistic. . .things. Sure they may not have to do much but scream and meet their maker in the form of creepazoids named Jupiter, Pluto, Lizard and Goggle, but the relatively unknown cast turns in what is necessary in order to effect desperation and terror as they succumb to their isolation in this former nuclear testing site.

*Shudder.* This movie is just gross. (Thanks for these memories, Tom.)


3-0Recommendation: The Hills Have Eyes might not be what I would call essential viewing but it is if you’re into horror. Then again this might be a redundant recommendation as I might imagine this film has been ticked off somewhat quickly after having seen Wes Craven’s 1970s version. As a horror skeptic, I find the end result of this film to be an adrenaline rush that I don’t particularly need to experience again. I’m appreciative of the first time around and will save my eyes for some other hillside terror. Again, *shudder.*

Rated: R

Running Time: 107 mins.

TBTrivia: The development of condominiums in the original desert location of Wes Craven’s film forced the film crew to scout other areas. 

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9 thoughts on “TBT: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

  1. This is the first of your Halloween TBTs I haven’t seen…and I don’t know if I wanna. Haha. I don’t really do super gore…maybe I’ll test the waters one day. We’ll see. Great review though!!


  2. Yup! This was a great time from what I can remember! Alexandre Aja has made some shit in the past (Mirrors), but his remakes of Hills and Piranha, along with his original High Tension, are excellent flicks!

    Glad that you appreciated it…despite being a horror skeptic.

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    • Lol! Yeah I don’t consider myself the biggest fan, but this might be mostly because of what I’ve seen in the past. Good thing I know a couple of good blogs to go to for some better recommendations, eh? 😉

      Might have to check out High Tension on your recommendation sir. I did like The Hills, though have no interest in watching that rape scene ever again.


    • I don’t remember much about the soundtrack but yes indeed this thing is a rough-and-tumble horror. Lots of violence, lots of shocking gore. It’s good for one sitting, but no more in my opinion. I’m such a wimp when it comes to these sorts I’m afraid. 😉


  3. Man, been a while since I’ve seen that movie. Totally creeped me out, I doubt I’ll ever be able to get back to watching it, especially that trailer scene you mentioned. CREEPY!


    • So creepy!!! Those moments are moments I never want to live again! Haha!

      It’s an alright horror flick, definitely worth it once through. Glad to hear we’re on the same page with it. 🙂

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