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Hey guys, here is my contribution to the joint blogathon run by Zoe of The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger, and Rob of MovieRob. I chose to review a Hitchcock ‘classic,’ The Man Who Knew Too Much. It may not be viewed as his single most successful film, but now that I’ve watched it I’m happy to report it’s one perhaps seriously overlooked gem. I loved it.



Tom from Digital Shortbread wrote the next review for our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon.  Here are his thoughts on Hitchcock’s remake of his own 1934 movie with the same title – The Man Who Knew Too Much

Thanks Tom for this review!

man who knew too much

The Man Who Knew Too Much




First I’d like to give a big shout-out to Miss Zoe of the absolutely fantastic Sporadic Chronicles. . . blog and MovieRob for hosting me during their impressive and ambitious Hitchcock blogathon. Seeing as I wanted to take part in something that would force me to learn something new about cinema, man, did I find the perfect event! I will be hesitant to admit this, but I might as well here: this is only the second Hitchcock film I’ve seen. I guess I should also ask, do I really hafta turn my movie critic card (that I just had laminated!!)…

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  1. Man I should have contributed to this Blogathon. No time though! This is B grade Hitch for me. Not up there with the classics, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Splendid work.


    1. The Hitchcock blogathon has been a lot of fun man, a shame you couldn’t fit it in. In fairness, there’s been quite a bit I’ve put off for the sake of squeezing this into my schedule, so sacrifices have been made all around. 🙂

      I eagerly await my next watch. Anything you’d recommend? I was thinking about Rope or Vertigo.


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