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So, today’s a fairly crowded day on the calendar for yours truly. Somehow this Thursday would become one in which we would be simultaneously celebrating a brand new theme for TBT, as well as my blog’s third birthday/anniversary and, oh yeah, the Fourth of freaking* July! That’s how things go sometimes, I suppose. Call it the perfect storm of me trying to catch up on everything. Now, on to the subject at hand. Given the perfect timing for this new theme, let’s jump right into a movie that is likely to divide my readers straight down the middle (or maybe not). For several reasons. These will become obvious as we start talking about

Today’s food for thought: Team America – World Police


Force-feeding you your freedom since: October 11, 2004


AMER. . . . .You know what? No. No, I’m not going to even try to open the review that way. That’s just way too easy.

While that beyond-enthusiastic anthem reverberates off the walls of your brain I’ll steer the focus in a different direction. You may recall the kind of frenzy Team America – World Police threw everyone into at the time of release. This was a film — one involving marionettes and toilet humor — that managed to not only make fun of how seriously North Korea’s then-leader Kim Jung Il took himself, but it did so without drawing his ire and possibly waging war with American filmmakers. Or Americans in a much broader sense. Yeah, that would be more likely.

This was a film that banked on audiences being well-adjusted enough to not be completely offended by what is essentially jingoistic porn. And. . .wow. I really mean that quite literally. I had forgotten about that one scene. . .



Team America – World Police is the brainchild of two men who probably don’t need to produce actual offspring. Sorry if that’s incredibly cold, but hear me out. This is Trey Parker and Matt Stone we’re talking about, the parents of South Park. As such, this film spares no expense at sounding, acting and looking (at times) an awful lot like the hit animated show now about to debut it’s one billionth season. The duo’s second theatrical effort, Team America was at once a cult hit whose ‘cult’ has swollen to mainstream-fandom levels. Rightly so, because it occasionally borders on genius. It’s alright if you consider this over-the-top comedy as being subservient to only a niched market, however. This is a loud, proud film that was just begging for everyone’s attention, even if it didn’t ultimately earn it from everyone.

While our fearless — but not stringless — heroes traverse the world stopping bad things from happening and generally being an awesome spectacle to behold, in North Korea a storm’s a-brewing with the nefarious Kim Jong-Il plotting to convert every major city on the planet to third-world rubble. After the team suffers a major loss during their visit to Paris, they must scout a new team member and eventually come across popular Broadway actor Gary Johnston (voice of Parker). Yes indeed, we’re not talking about the fact that they took out both the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but what we are looking at is a real loss of. . .puppet life.

Following an unfortunate sequence of events, Gary finds himself gutted by the fact his acting talent has led to much chaos and failure despite the World Police’s best efforts to keep America safe and sound. This will eventually lead to second-chance opportunities Gary and the team desperately need. It will also lead to one of the film’s most offensive and downright disgusting scenes. Unfortunately scenes such as these are virtually requisites with anything South Park-related. This “act of faith,” along with one or two other brief scenes, are merely collateral damage for sharing in the duo’s unabashedly vulgar sense of humor.


“Hold me closer, tiny dictator. . .”

The vulgarity will no doubt continue to repel, maybe even repel more than it has attracted viewers. It’s certainly a hurdle one must get over in order to fully embrace the madness that is this movie. The type of film this is often earns its horrendous reputation in a hurry, and for those certain select scenes it is often a reputation well-deserved. Yet to dismiss Team America: World Police as a pointless exercise in gross-out and an effort to simply stir up controversy (not so unlike the upcoming Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy vehicle The Interview) would be to ignore its intricacies and intelligence. Secondary to the scathing commentary about America’s image overseas is the depravity, the violence, the ugliness.

Not to mention, the silliness.

If you are willing to give a thought to the prevailing ideas herein, you’re sure to find a movie worth turning to again and again any time you find the tumult of the current political climate an unbearable white noise. Pop in the DVD and settle in for some hearty chuckles.

And of course, the song.  F**k yeah!!!


4-0Recommendation: Fans of South Park have no reason not to have already seen World Police a million times by now. Or at least once through. This is an absolute riot, best served up to those who can stomach some fairly vulgar and crass material. There’s certainly worse stuff out there, but perhaps this section is more useful as a ‘who not to recommend this film to.’ If you’re not a fan of the show, may I suggest spending your Fourth of July with a different patriotic film.

Rated: R

Running Time: 98 mins.

TBTrivia: Upon reading the one-line pitch for the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, Parker and Stone both found the concept to be absolutely absurd and hilarious, prompting them to get started on spoofing the very idea, using life-like marionettes to up the ante. The plan was to create the film and have it ready for release the day after the official release of said disaster film. It soon was brought to their attention that such a move could prove to be less of a joke as a legal matter. They scrapped the idea and began pitching Team America instead.

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14 thoughts on “TBT: Team America – World Police (2004)

    • Cheers cK! That Kim Jong scene is fantastic. In fact I generally love how this movie completely spoofed him and his image. This movie’s great.


    • ! This is great news Eric, Team America can do one of two things: appeal to one’s cynical side or completely repel based on its extreme violence and sexual content. I personally lapped it up, too. Thought the parody was so intensely clever and funny. I would agree on putting it on the calendar for the 4th each year. Good choice. 😀


  1. Great choice dude! Holy cow, I remember loving this movie when I was younger. I have not seen it in years and forgot the majority…but I do recall laughing my ass off countless times! I for one cannot wait for the billionth season of South Park and your assessment is 100% correct. Except as a veteran South Park viewer….nothing is vulgar or offensive to me haha


    • Awesome man, this is just such a classic. And you’re right, for those who dig this brand of humor, it’s all relative. Nothing’s really too vulgar or offensive in this, . . but those aforementioned scenes get pretty uncomfortable!! Team America is just such an assault on the senses — mainly the funny bone. It’s goddamn great man.


      • By the way, I’m glad to see you survived your birthday!!!!!! Welcome to the other side.


  2. Great looking new site mate; lovin the banner! This is one of my favourites, there are so many quotable lines it’s ridiculous. The sex scene is unbelievable.


    • Haha! Thanks my friend, thanks very much. Lots of stuff to still work on but thank you very much for the feedback.

      And you’re spot on. That sex scene is almost quite literally unbelievable. And that limo scene is downright disturbing hahaha. This was a classic from my high school days.


    • hahah!!! Ah yes, one of just a million simply classic moments. I love that song, and the logic of the whole “dicks/p*ssies/a**holes” monologue towards the end. It’s simply brilliant stuff man. I haven’t laughed this hard in a movie in quite some time. Maybe a few since have done it, but man. This one’s good!


    • Aw I dunno man, this movie seemed to nail it. But I’ll admit there are parts that are weaker than others. Or. . .certainly less pleasant. . .than others! That cat scene is great, haha nice one.

      Thanks for coming by man. Glad you are liking the changes man, appreciate eeeet


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