TBT: Brink! (1998)

As the summer season of filmgoing winds down (well, sort of. . .Guardians of the Galaxy looms around the corner this weekend, so maybe that's a premature statement) my inspired posts have really ramped up! Today's TBT comes at you not from the brain of. . .well, me. . . but yeah, from someone else. … Continue reading TBT: Brink! (1998)

A Most Wanted Man

Release: Friday, July 25, 2014 (limited) [Theater] As all good things must, even A Most Wanted Man comes to an end. And it's going to take everything in my power to remain on the conservative side here, what with a possible capstone performance to mark the end of a career as towering as Philip Seymour Hoffman's. Trust … Continue reading A Most Wanted Man


Release: Friday, July 25, 2014 [Theater] While it's true this outing is a step up from last year's The Family, with director Luc Besson even seeming willing to dip his toes into deeper waters as far as interesting concepts are concerned, we are, unfortunately, still not operating at 100% yet. It might seem dismissive to rule this summer's latest sci-fi … Continue reading Lucy

Genre Grandeur – Under the Skin (2014)

Hey man, sharing is caring. So today I share with you another guest review I have featured over on MovieRob’s terrific site. Over there you’ll find so much stuff to read it’s not even funny. We’re talking multiple quality posts a day, so there’s always something new to read over there. My review of Under the Skin joins his July edition of Genre Grandeur. Check it out!


And here’s another review for this month’s Genre Grandeur – Aliens, submitted by Tom of Digital Shortbread.

If you don’t already follow his site, I recommend that you do so he has some great in depth movie reviews, 30 for 30, numerous opinion pieces and his rating system always gets my stomach rumbling.

It’s still not too late to send me your reviews for this month’s genre.  You have until the 25th, so send them to aliens@movierob.net as soon as you can so I can schedule them for you.

Now on to Tom’s Review of Under the Skin (2014)

Under the Skin



Number of times seen – 1 (April 29, 2014)

Brief Synopsis – An alien disguised in human form moves across Scotland, luring men she finds on the streets first into her van, and then. . .into an entirely different world.


My take on it…

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The Purge: Anarchy

Release: Friday, July 18, 2014 [Theater] The Purge: Anarchy offers you yet another chance to let it all out with a second blood-splattering of twisted social commentary. Instead of running around blindly inside a house defending ourselves from masked invaders as we had done only last summer with the Sandins, now we band together with several nondescript characters in the … Continue reading The Purge: Anarchy

Third Person

Release: Friday, June 20, 2014 (limited) [Theater] Putting it mildly, Third Person is a rather luke-warm rumination on romance whose title feels fairly appropriate considering how much the content likes to emotionally strand the viewer for over two painfully long hours. In fact the lethargic pace is such that it's easy to get the impression the director really doesn't … Continue reading Third Person

Begin Again

Release: Friday, June 27, 2014 (limited) [Theater] A disgraced record label executive has a chance run-in with a down-on-her-luck musician at a bar and the two forge a friendship that inspires more than great music -- it reinvigorates one another's thirst for life. The Hulk takes a chill pill as Mark Ruffalo fits himself back into a … Continue reading Begin Again