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Did you see yourself playing Aquaman, Jason?

Welp. The casting of the stillllllllllll upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice mega-project becomes an even more entangled web of head-scratching what-the-eff’s. . .

Not sure if you have heard yet, but it’s looking quite likely that the hulking Jason Momoa (Conan: The Barbarian; Bullet to the Head) will be playing Aquaman, everyone’s favorite water-dwelling semi-redundant superhero (yay!) in a move possibly intended to further confuse everyone.

I don’t think I’m so much as confused by the casting choice as I am concerned about the addition of yet another hero. Snyder might want to get out a broom or a vacuum or something and starting cleaning up because his project (now set for a 2016 release) is really starting to feel cluttered.

But these are just my thoughts. . . what do you guys think?


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  1. I actually think Momoa could be a really interesting Aquaman, but I am definitely uncertain of the direction Snyder is going with things. I was not a fan of Man of Steel, and I REALLY don’t know how I feel about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. If Snyder fucks up Batman, there will be blood…

    • Hahaha!! And we will have to drink his milkshake. . .

      Sorry, that’s a poor reference. Lol. Oh, movie blogging. . . 😉

      As far as this casting decision is concerned, I’m not sure where I stand on it anymore. I think at the time when this news was announced, I think I was reacting more to the fact that they were planning on introducing Aquaman in this movie. That took me aback rather than Jason Momoa being the actor in question. Either way, I think we will have an interesting project on our hands. Most controversial DC film yet? I think it could be. . .

      • Ha! I see whatcha did there. 😉 Yeah “interesting” is the right way to put it. I want it to work so badly, but I just have so many concerns…Of course, this is from the girl who was convinced Avengers wouldn’t work. Who knows? Maybe I’ll eat my words again…

  2. When I saw Momoa in Game Of Thrones I was skeptical at first but he quickly won me over. I think my concern is if the movie can jam all of these heroes without loosing focus on the Batman vs Superman story. I’m open minded to cameos but that might work better if they were already established characters rather using these cameos to set up the next movies. I hope the movie proves me wrong. 🙂

    • Hey man! Cameos is what it’s looking more and more like as far as this is concerned, but who knows if Mamoa is actually going to commit. The news about him is all over the place. I’m intrigued by both of these projects but I am similarly concerned about over-crowding in both of them.

      Then again, I guess DC must make some pretty big strides if they want to compete with Marvel Studios, eh?

  3. I really couldn’t care less about the Justice League project. Seriously, I’m a huge fan of Superman but I lost confidence on this whole project by Snyder. That said, I think Jason Momoa is hulking AND hunky, he’s such a beautiful man, so though I’m not into Aquaman per se, I’d watch it just for him, ha..ha..

    • Ah, that’s a shame Ruth. To me there was a lot of give-and-take. These films are such huge projects I guess there’s bound to be a lot of disappointment to match the high levels of approval other fans have shown. I personally didn’t mind Man of Steel but the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie, and then the notion of the Justice League movie coming later is starting to feel a little like superhero overkill to me.

      I do understand that DC wants to be able to keep stride with Marvel but I don’t understand why they must try and overstuff each movie leading up to what’s essentially feeling like a “main event” with so many other characters. In this case, Aquaman. But as Tim noted above, apparently he won’t factor into this upcoming project too much. He might have a cameo. Even still, I’m beginning to get a headache. 🙂 But I kind of still look forward to the movie all the same.

    • Right? I’m kind of leaning that direction myself. The more characters that are tossed into this movie (a movie which seems randomly thrown in between Man of Steel and Man of Steel 2) the more it seems to make the future Justice League mega-project a redundancy. . .why don’t they just save all this for that movie?

    • Cool! Me not being familiar with that particular style, I’ll just go ahead and say yes, yes I agree. 😀 😀

      Good to know you are excited about it. I’m mostly surprised/curious. That guy is huge. But I guess he is up against the likes of Cavill and Batfleck, so I guess more physical size was required of supporting characters, too. This movie is going to be nuts

      • He won’t be in Batman V Superman. He’ll be in Justice League. They need a big serious looking guy to take away the jokes about the character that have become pop culture in recent years 😀

        • Oh, crap. I am mightily mistaken then. I thought I read that he was being cast into the Dawn of Justice movie. . .

          I guess this post can be taken down, then!! hahaha 😉

          • Haha nah he may have some super small scene in the end like a post credit style shot of him but he won’t be in it for any significance until Justice league.

            And if you want to hear my theory. I think that the justice league film will be about Aquaman attacking the surface people and justice league forming to stop him. It would lead to them teaming up and give a good global reason for all of them coming together. Next will be Martian manhunter landing on earth warning the league about Darkseid 😀

        • wait, are you sure man? all the headlines are confirming it’s the upcoming Batman V Superman that he’s slated to star in. He’ll also be in the Justice League movie.

          • Like I said he might be in a tiny scene at the end but where talking seconds. You can’t have a feasible film in which you set up a New Batman and have him fight Superman. Also have wonder woman and cyborg and aquaman and green lantern and Shazam. They will be tiny minuscule cameos.

            It just gets more views if you say they will be headlining in the new Superman V Batman film. They’ll be in it but come on some extras will have larger parts 😀

            • Very valid point. I believe your powers of observation are much more . . .er. . .powerful than mine! 😉

              Makes sense to get that word out and get fans excited though, even if it ultimately becomes a tiny cameo scene — perhaps even one that ends up not making final cut! lol

  4. Oh man. Momoa is ok but I’m not certain about him in the Aquaman role. I actually like the character but I do share your concerns. Snyder is piling in the heroes.

    • I know little about the actor himself outside of his big physical role opposite Stallone in that awful Bullet to the Head picture. So, not a great intro for me unfortunately. That said, I’m sure neither the actor nor his character will factor into the film so much as to be a distraction. I totally wasn’t thinking either that Aquaman is part of the Justice League, so his initial role in the film appeared very random. it makes a little more sense now.

  5. Yup…I just took a look at your review and learned that you felt differently. It was just a chore to sit through for me. Which is weird considering that I spent a year fanboying over it to the point where I bought my girlfriend a superman sweater….and ordered superman tanks online with a bud…for when we all went.

    You love Zack?

    • I mean, we’re not going out yet or anything. . . . . .

      I don’t know. I mean. . .it’s confusing. . .

      • I say go through with it man. And I know we don’t know each other personally but can I still come to parties? I’m sure a shit-ton of celebrities would be there…and that would be cool!

      • lol yes, yes you can still come to parties. (Sorry, the below comment was supposed to be in response to your previous comment. Eveyrthing’s gotten all out of order here. I’m stressing out.)


  6. Dude…like…what the ****. You know what I am more pissed about? Zack doing Justice League. The guy isn’t even that good. Urgh…I’m upset. Bye.

    (Shared this on my Twitter. No problem, I already know that I am a nice guy.)

    • You don’t think Zack Snyder is that good???!

      > . .. . then we have nothing more to say to each other. . . .

      *walks away into the sunset*

      • Not at all. Dawn of the Dead….YES! 300….YES! The sequel? NO! Man of Steel? My personal most disappointing film of 2013!

        I want him away from my superheroes…

      • Ooooh, then this will be interesting with Batman vs Supes! I loved Man of Steel. Though I do empathize with those finding it a controversial movie.

  7. Yeah, they seem to be adding more and more heroes by the hour. I still think it will revolve around Batman and Superman and the others will only make an appearance in order to set up Justice League.

    • Yeah you’re most likely right it’ll still emphasize the titular superheroes. I just was quite surprised they’re adding in Aquaman NOW. It’s almost making the later addition of The Justice League movie seem like a redundancy. . . :/

      • That’s true. I was thinking the same thing. Although, once they introduce the characters in Batman v Superman, they won’t waste any time with that on Justice League.

    • But yeah, I suppose they also offer minor support or foreshadowing of a bigger picture still to be told.

    • Right?!

      It’ll be interesting to say the least. I just thought I’d float the news out there and see what others thought, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one thinking this is an. . .interesting?. . . casting decision. 🙂

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