April Fools 2014: Digital Shortbread


Well, I did it. I finally made an appearance on the wonderful Silver Screen Serenade, an exceptional movie blog run by Cara Shuster, who is seriously on top of her game when it comes to talking film and television. This month she has begun the April Fools blogathon, where participants list their favorite and most beloved idiots from film and/or T.V. I really could have named 100, but in the interest of keeping it brief, we were to select 5 and describe them. Head on over to her page to see what I chose!

Silver Screen Serenade

Digital Shortbread banner

Remember when I promised you that review yesterday? Yeahhhh. Not gonna happen today. Hahaha. Fortunately, the wonderful Mr. Tom of Digital Shortbread–an awesome review site that you should definitely follow with one my very favorite rating systems–is here to save the day. April Fools is rolling right along, and Tom is here to share some of his very favorite lovable film idiots. Tom, the floor is yours!

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    • It was a great feature, I had a few great ideas for it, and thanks for letting me participate. I’d be glad to help out again in the future for sure!


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