Top Ten Action Films Seen In The Last Year: Digital Shortbread


Thanks very kindly to my friend Zoe at the fabulous Sporadic Chronicles blog for posting up my selection of the Best Action/Thriller films I had seen in the last year (December ’12 to December ’13). I am honored to be featured on such a quality site and hope you all have a chance to go and check out not only my list but her writing as well.

The Sporadic Chronicles

Tom from Digital Shortbread rose gloriously to the occasion of submitting a Top Ten list to my site, and he brought an interesting theme to the table: Top Ten Actions Films Seen In The Last Year. Well, this list was tons of fun. If you have not checked out Tom’s site, I would highly recommend that you stop by and have a look see what is going on, and how much pie he awards any and all things that he comes across. Well-written and presented reviews and plenty of cool features, Digital Shortbread is the place to be!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!


In the past year, I have…

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