ABYSS – North America’s Highest Bouldering

Release: Fall 2012 [Vimeo] I love rock climbing; it’s been a part of me since I was eight years old, scrambling up trees and rocks, freaking out parents standing nearby who were wondering what in the heck this kid was doing 30 feet above the deck. So, I have to apologize that this is aContinue reading “ABYSS – North America’s Highest Bouldering”

Dark Side of the Lens

Release: Summer 2010 [Vimeo] Let’s take a different approach and review a short film. This week I got forwarded a link to this masterfully filmed surfing docudrama off the coast of Ireland. TO SEE FULL FILM, CLICK THE LINK IN THE ‘RECOMMENDATION’ SECTION!! “I never want to take this for granted. So I try to keepContinue reading “Dark Side of the Lens”