When the Game Stands Tall

Release: Friday, August 22, 2014 [Theater] Dignity and courage. Those are two words you cannot separate out of any sports movie, good, bad or ugly. Whether handled delicately or with blunt force, there comes a point where… Continue reading

A DSB Quick Thought. . .

With Guardians of the Galaxy breaking into some truly envious territory by becoming the Highest-Grossing movie of 2014 (to date) and looking to be perhaps on its way to the three-quarter-billion-dollar club as far… Continue reading

Top That: Ten Actors I Would See in Anything . . . pretty much

Hey all, seems you’ve caught me shaking off the dust and cobwebs off this seldom-used feature. . . Though I’ve waited around for awhile to throw something like this up, honestly the timing is… Continue reading

Bite Sized Reviews: Zodiac; Man on Wire

Bite Sized Reviews continues bringing you the most random goodness in a quickly digestible format. So it’s been a minute or two since I have contributed to my own feature and while I… Continue reading

TBT: Mean Girls (2004)

Well the final bell is about to ring on this back-to-school portion of TBT. . . and. . .I bet at least three of my readers would have never seen this one coming… Continue reading


Release: Friday, July 18, 2014 (limited) [Theater] I know my refusal to get up out of my seat even after almost three consecutive hours of sitting — in considerably cramped quarters, I might add —… Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) – Digital Shortbread

Tom from Digital Shortbread wrote the next review for our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon.  Here are his thoughts on Hitchcock’s remake of his own 1934 movie with the same title – The Man Who…

OCMC: Robin Williams, what a concept. . .

I think in order to best encapsulate this week, and the range of emotions that have also been dealt with over the past couple, I will include this excellent montage of photos of… Continue reading

OCMC: Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire

We have reached the end of the voyage, dear friends. Our beloved Captain is due back on shore tomorrow, where he shall drop anchor and bid adieu to us after one fine week of… Continue reading

OCMC: Alan Parrish in Jumanji

“AAAAHHHH!! AHHH!!! . . . . . . AH!” Noises. Robin Williams came equipped with many of them, and in this outrageously fun film from the mid-90s, he’s provided an opportunity to tap… Continue reading