Bite Sized Reviews: Selma unfriended life itself

Bite Sized Reviews continues bringing you the most random goodness in a quickly digestible format. We have a few more left-over recent releases I’ve been putting off reviewing for some time now. Well,… Continue reading

Top That: Ten Actors Who Clearly Love their Job

Here we are with another weird/random list of actors/actresses. Obviously, this one stands as a really subjective and quite honestly limited list because, unless some people in this biz are just dedicated to… Continue reading

PSH Blogathon: This is the fun part, sweetheart

I would like to first give a shout-out to my friend Jordan of the one and only Epileptic Moondancer for providing me the perfect platform from which I can profess my infatuation with… Continue reading


Release: Friday, July 17, 2015 [Theater] Distributor: Buena Vista Directed by: Peyton Reed Well, it’s official. After watching this, stepping on ants for me is a thing of the past. Stepping on ants is murder. If… Continue reading


Release: Friday, July 17, 2015 [Theater] Distributor: Universal Directed by: Judd Apatow So I’m wondering if it’s some weird coincidence I’m listening to some softcore R&B while trying to decide whether Trainwreck‘s sappy or touching. There were… Continue reading

JCR Factor #4

July, aside from miserably high temperatures and baked beans, brings you the fourth edition of the John C. Reilly Factor — DSB’s latest character study. To find more related material, visit the Features menu… Continue reading


Release: Friday, February 27, 2015 [Redbox] Distributor: Radius-TWC Directed by: Joe Lynch There’s an unshakable sense Joe Lynch and company didn’t fully appreciate the opportunity they had with Salma Hayek playing the lead in this economical, often comically… Continue reading

Bite Sized Reviews: Love is strange when spying on dear white people

Bite Sized Reviews continue bringing you the most random goodness in a quickly digestible format. After a bit of a break from these posts I’m glad to get back to them. I’ve been… Continue reading


Release: Friday, July 10, 2015 [Theater] Distributor: Focus Features Directed by: Tarsem Singh A talented cast can’t save Self/less from selfishly wasting its potential on a narrative utterly disinterested in entertaining. Ben Kingsley is Damian Hale, a billionaire… Continue reading

The Overnight

Release: Friday, June 19, 2015 [Theater] Distributor: The Orchard Directed by: Patrick Brice This one time, at Jason Schwartzman’s house . . . No, but seriously. This is no band-camp experience; this is a movie about… Continue reading